So anyway I’m reading this book right now and it makes me realize how far ahead London is compared to Paris when it comes to both usability of the transport system, and openness of their internal processes.

So like..... not all of the tube’s stations are wheelchair-accessible, but there are a lot more than Paris’s whopping *9*

Apart from that, innovations in transports in London’s network are incredible. The first completely automated line there was in 1968!! They have countdowns at more than 400 crossings in the city! They have over 1500 “Legible London” wayfinding signs all over the city that indicates nearby transport systems or interest points!

And I’m not even talking about the payment system, where you can just put money on the Oyster card and it will automatically compute the cheapest fare possible based on where you enter and where you leave, but you can also pay via contactless credit card or phone if you prefer (with the same advantages)
And the scramble crossings!! These are so much more efficient!

@wxcafe Sorry but I'm a Londoner and I have no idea what a scramble crossing is, would you please explain?

@frak they’re the crossings where all lanes stop and pedestrians can walk from and to any direction, in London they’re signified with the diagonal crossings and the circle in the middle of the roads?


@wxcafe ah those, well thank you very much for giving me their name :)

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