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If you're ever looking at a post and you're like "I wonder who this is about?" Stop wondering. It is about me, Mister Jimmy of mastodon dot ecks wai zie.

Wow, the timeline is pretty surreal at 6am

Extensive discourse on the stratification of Mastodon users with clout Show more

I was so close to telling a guy on Twitter that he should CW his image. So close. Like mms away. at least I have some brakes.

So who's coming on the march today?

Crazy is loving her new scratchy thing, but hating me trying to take a picture of that enjoyment.

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Why do some men, when shaking your hand, have to squeeze as if they're trying to break a bone? Ok, I get it. You have dominated me in this greeting

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hey everybody out there on the federated TL!

make sure you follow me so you can see me boost the same five posts every day!

Punched someone on the nose when they were asleep last night

Peeling potatoes is for losers. I will die on this hill.

I will always find it funny when people use the word spunk in a serious sentence.

The pinnacle of adulthood is realising that the word adult is not a verb.

It's not a reel shitpost until you have proofread four spelling and grammar.

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