Sound of a scrotum being sanded ASMR [01:34:03]

The crumble is stored in the balls.

Crazy the cat has a cute little snore squeak going on right now

Tusky makes accidental boosting very easy, sorry

Get a Mastodon account, setup a cross poster, give up on your Mastodon account but still cross post all of your hellsite anger here.

The only real way to shid is whilst doing a handstand. Make sure to fard liberally throughout proceedings if you want to experience sharding.

I know that owo has a different meaning on here but I was only ever aware of the "oral without" definition up until today. Urban Dictionary to the rescue again!

Managed to get a good close up pic of a great tit this afternoon.

Does anyone else remember Salad Fingers? He was delightfully discomforting.

Police are now dealing and it turns out they bounced off a neighbour's jaguar before they hit the fence. Yowser.

Heard a crash outside, went to look and saw a car in the fence to the park on the other side of the street. Got on the phone to the police, and as the people in the car realised I was doing that they then tried to drive off. Tried. In the time it took me to give all the details and know the police were dispatched they managed to just get around the corner.

I can hear someone on the other side of this wall, but no matter how hard I knock they won't let me out.

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