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UK in th lead? Oh my. Marmite might be a winning concept?

Oh my, the Points Ritual again. Love it. Would never miss it.

YEAH Astro Samantha on the watching

This makes me so happy

Was für ein Vergnügen, hier mit Euch heute Abend den #esc geschaut zu haben! Jetzt heißt es wachbleiben während der Punkteverteilung. Süße Träume an alle, die das nicht mehr schaffen. <3 @esc

Germany really was not so bad this year. Hope he does not get on to one of the last spots. Deserves more.

Don't lose your hope for a better tomorrow.

Hätte er das nicht mindestens 10 Nummern düsterer machen können? Eine schöne Dark Americana Nummer zum Abschluss. #est #esc @esc

This sounds something Alex from the Expanse might listen to.

And now for cringe
this song is like marmite. love or hate.

Looks like some serious Versache, what Laura Pausini is wearing now. Amazing color.

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And now to the Aussies -

the fabulousity and the lyrics of an autistic queer person. I am so here for this. 12 POINTS

So dezentral #mastodon auch ist: Meine Timelines(!) sind voll mit @esc, #esc, #Eurovision und Co. Finde ich gut

And now with a solid pop diva song. and enough glitter to satisfy. well done.

always needs a good fun polka-esque number. well delivered,

Icelandic troll dixie chicks. in a good way. I kind of like the energy this song is giving us

And now for Greek doomerism. She has a good voice, the tune is also not bad. But those lyrics. Nope.

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