This Book I got from the library is making my design senses happy.

Yeah, started: Give peace a chance! We needed that statement. And here, smorbrod.

Testing my DIY airconditioning. Used two old Voss bottles (nice and cylindrical) filled with saltwater and frozen. To catch condensation two empty and cleaned glasses from scented candles are enjoying a second life. Trying to make the sustainable elegant by curating what I buy to be later reused.

And of course, I cannot talk about spaceships without mentioning the Rocianante from The Expanse.

I love that sweet, legitimate salvage. Even when it's disguised as a gas hauler.

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And here is the USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine:

This is another smaller Federation vessel built for defense against the Borg and the Dominion especially. It's compact, round design is charming.

The Defiant also has a beautiful spaceship butt.

Plus: Bonus Bird of Prey and Starbase <3

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How about a thread of sexy spaceships to lighten the mood? Feel free to add your own favorites.

I will start with one I have a very soft spot for:

The Section 31 Stealth Ship from DISCO. Plus, it has a gorgeous spaceship butt.


Today is humms and salad day:
Red pepper salad with cheese, dill, peperoni and shaved kumquats.

Sometimes art just happens in daily life. While cleaning my toilet, I put the rim block on my sink and all the blue stuff inside oozed out so beautifully. Just had to whack it into a mockup.

Since that Twitter takeover happened, I spend drastically less time doomscrolling and much more time reading important things. Also, Mastodon is becoming a nice place for occasional checking and conversation.

Also, my posts continue, as always.

Picture contains possible mild for

It's time for my

I spend most of my days with graphic design work at my studio or researching for my work with the German Cyborgs Society (Cyborgs e.V.)

My current interests are neurodiverse driven design and anything about the 20th Century cyberneticist Alice Mary Hilton.

In my free time I love , , learning about advanced cooking and baking skills, and interior design. I love and

Of course the seasonal color pallettes had to come out. What did you expect? This is a makeover.

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The Fashion Overlord of Froufrou enters the Bridge to judge the interior design situation before he starts the big makeover of the Enterprise D and its crew.

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