It's time for my

I spend most of my days with graphic design work at my studio or researching for my work with the German Cyborgs Society (Cyborgs e.V.)

My current interests are neurodiverse driven design and anything about the 20th Century cyberneticist Alice Mary Hilton.

In my free time I love , , learning about advanced cooking and baking skills, and interior design. I love and

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what a nice addition to have more star-trek-shitposters here. :mastorofl:
have a ✨sparkle✨

@forschungstorte Oye sesata 😀 #TheExpanse is my fav piece of sci-fi in the past two decades. Curious how this universe will continue (if at all), either in novel or TV form. I mean there are 30yrs between book 6 and 7, so there's plenty of stories to be told.

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