I believe in blocking or muting users on a case by case basis, not umbrellas (unless the entire umbrella is genuinely hateful) - and I certainly don't believe in umbrellas blocking other umbrellas, especially as a personal admin dislike thing

@emma_essex I agree with this. Another issue caused by blocking other instances like many are doing is it leads users to create multiple accounts on various instances just to be able to see stuff from those instances (pawoo for example), which further fragments and defeats the point of federation.

@emma_essex The thing about blocking pawoo is that it is literally the largest mastodon instance with 179380 users right now compared to the largest English instance at 81073 for mastodon.social. For comparison mastodon.xyz has 10418 users. Blocking pawoo is blocking 23.28% of all mastodon users.

It looks like mastodon is already much more successful in Japan with the top 2 instances being Japanese (pawoo and mstdn.jp).

@emma_essex There are actually two types of blocking on mastodon, suspending and silencing. Silenced means they don't appear in the Federated timeline, but users can follow users on it and see them in their Home view. My main objection is with suspending instances. mastodon.xyz only silences pawoo while others suspend it all together.


@emma_essex The reason I see many instances suspending others is that when an instance pulls in content from other federated instances, it is stored on that server and many owners don't want certain content to be on their server for legal and other reasons.

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