really enjoying the wide variety of software companions / frontends for mastodon. the development and user landscape overall kind of makes me think of a "modern social network" version of IRC.

more than anything it's just... relieving to finally have a platform with the features i feel necessary for me to move away from something as restrictive and inhuman-feeling as twitter. i deeply want to interact with many people but it's so hard on there. everything is so fast and stressful, having to rail out follow-up tweets quickly to keep your context visible. nasty, nothing like actual conversation.

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@emma_essex interesting that Mastodon is doing so well in Japan despite them having already such less trouble with character restrictions on Twitter, wonder what the other reasons are

@pulse yeah you can pretty much write a fucking novel on here in japanese LOL - i actually saw apps with specific instances (usually geographical) in mind for japanese stuff, so maybe lots of official use of it there. pixiv has one after all.


@emma_essex Interestingly though, and many others block the Pixiv one

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