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> if one side values wealth while the other values humanity

but there’s the bind, eh? it is literally illegal for a company to deprioritize the profit motive:

so in a strategic sense, yes, corporations will always value wealth and profit above other ends. it is illegal to do otherwise.

I am convinced that I *can* do this and that nobody can stop me but at what cost

oh god why do I want to modify a vmlinuz image in-place


#SUSE blog down.

"Error establishing a database connection"

Budget issues? Can't keep a simple site running. Ask #SAP for budget.

#opensuse #gnu #linux

Amazon quietly removed the line from its transparency report saying it had "never participated" in the NSA's PRISM program.

"A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality.

Physicists have long suspected that quantum mechanics allows two observers to experience different, conflicting realities. Now they’ve performed the first experiment that proves it."

what if you tried to install a game and the installer told you that you as a person do not meet the minimum requirements

"Right now there is a bit of a fiscal emergency that may or may not be coming up for me. I started the year in the midst of a layoff and work-without-pay situation due to a management dispute at the top level of my employer." - #ubuntu person

#Bitcoin Boosted on #FED Rate Cut, BTC Back in Five Figures

Bitcoin has survived its first US FED interest rate cut and actually got a boost from it as many had predicted. The king of crypto has managed to climb

03:23:03 up 293 days

One more week until 300 days’ uptime on my work laptop. Prior to that it was also about 300 days of uptime (hardware fault forced me to reboot). #gnu #linux is really that stable. #microsoft people told me they can’t endure >weeks<.

Neofeud is a game about my experiences growing up in Hawaii's ghetto, being a social worker & STEM teacher for poor, homeless, refugees, mostly non-white kids in slums of Hawaii the tour buses avoid, while living out of a van. 100% of sales go to putting a roof over my kids' head (we're getting kicked out of our house at the end of the month)


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