just released Bonk, an open source collision detection library for MonoGame Core. this is the tool we are using for collision detection on Samurai Gunn 2

- extremely modular design
- implements line, circle, rectangle, and convex polygons
- spatial hash for broad phase
- GJK for narrow phase
- EPA for separating vector
- 0 heap allocations (no garbage collection)


licensed under LGPL 3

I don't know if it's weirder that Google is convinced that I can't get enough of "How I Met Your Mother" news, or that there are web sites still generating enough articles on the topic for it to recommend new ones to me each day.

webmd out of context 

mh term used in joke 

I'd just like to take this moment to say fuck you @kaniini for writing good software with configurable options because it's making my package maintainer life hell right now

I'm trying to find a language/compiler designed for the purpose of defining pure functions or algorithms and transpiling them to various popular languages.

One of our customers has a library of functions that compute equations that they maintain in Python and NumPy. The equations are rather long and subject to change, but we need them in JavaScript, and maybe C++ later, and keeping a port up to date is a pain.

If some kind of thing that solved this problem existed, that would be great.

like literally, i don't even look at what software a given instance runs. i just look at the raw data instead and make my decisions based on this. that's what everyone should do.
i'm not going to block all instances that run the gab software, because that's as stupid as blocking all instances which run mastodon or all instances that run pleroma or all instances that run misskey. what matters is how these instances are run themselves. that will continue to be the deciding factor for me.

if you don't like this, then that's fine, go ahead and block this instance, as i have no interest in being bullied into making moderation decisions that are flawed.

In the modern age, where home electronics could literally serve the entire internet passively, ISPs continue to do stupid things like bandwidth throttling and usage caps, because home electronics "aren't ready for the full power of The Internet."

...does masto (or glitch soc) have an automatic spam filter now?

i guess i should try to make sure i don't post the same toot more than one now... no more goo mornings?

"LH [Longhorn/Vista] is a pig and I don't see any solution to this problem. If we are to rise to the challenge of Linux..."
Jim Allchin, #Microsoft VP

"George Hamilton has never voted, says actors 'have no qualifications' to talk politics

In fact, Hamilton believes that it's irresponsible for actors to share their opinions on political issues entirely, because entertainers "have no qualifications."

"They're given an unusual amount of credibility," he said. "A lot of young actors do it and they shouldn't. The political (people) are happy to use your persona." "


"Apple users have no one to blame but themselves.

In 2019, there is a lot of information available on Apple's design practices, how they deal with lemons, and the longevity of their products. If you still choose to give them money, whatever happens to you, your wallet, or your data is on you."


The Attorney General and the FBI Director recently gave speeches demonizing encryption and calling for backdoors. Here's why you should not spend any of your time listening to them. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/07/doj-


> if one side values wealth while the other values humanity

but there’s the bind, eh? it is literally illegal for a company to deprioritize the profit motive: litigationandtrial.com/2010/09

so in a strategic sense, yes, corporations will always value wealth and profit above other ends. it is illegal to do otherwise.

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