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@nonlinear @lm @er1n @djsundog I am unironically super into this. I've been working for a small engineering company doing contract electronics/firmware design, and there's absolutely no reason this work couldn't be done by a co-op. A co-op of mostly remote workers, even!

Plus there are a whole lot of good electronics building blocks to be put out into the world.

@nonlinear @lm @er1n @djsundog Motor control, solar power systems, energy distribution, and Risc-V building blocks are all areas where the big companies could have their lunch eaten easily by some smart motivated people

@lynnesbian another thing: if you don't use the decimal time system invented in revolutionary France you are a coward who is only partially metric

Tomorrow, in order to fulfill my duties as a grandfather, I will have to venture into the Den of the Animatronic Crappy Pizza Rodent for an extended period of time.

Pray for me.

Anime characters would probobly be better fighters if they didn't shout their next move #Showerthoughts

With all the data they collect on us, Google could probably open the world's most effective dating service

Life is not Pay to win because we're technically using "in game" currency, it is more like Spawn to win.

#twitter (the stock) fall 7% today. They try to shove ads onto everyone, imposing their 'app' with #surveillance (location and more 24/7) and ads embedded. Not working, eh @jack ?
#facebook is down over 6% today, in spite of frantically buying back its own shares (to prevent or slow down a total collapse). Hope #fb is out of business in a few years... #GAFAM #surveillance #astroturfing
" #Malaysia filed criminal charges against #GoldmanSachs and two former executives on Monday for their role in the alleged multibillion-dollar ransacking of state investment fund #1MDB ."

@Gargron if you ain’t the customer, you’re the product.

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