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#1990s cartoon #Rugrats must not have been popular in Argentina. There's no as I would expect.

Last week, EFF Senior Staff Attorney Andrew Crocker argued in front of the Indiana Supreme Court that the 5th Amendment should protect you from being forced to unlock an encrypted device. Watch at 27:00:

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*looks at the dumpster fire*

sometimes, the only winning move is not to play

my cool party trick is that i can watch toy story 3 and be completely emotionally unaffected

The existence of "meat space" implies the existence of "vegetable space," "dairy space" and "bread space"

RL10B-2 engine shutdown confirmed. The Delta 4’s second stage has completed its second burn tonight, placing the US Air Force’s WGS 10 communications satellite into the targeted elliptical transfer orbit. Coming up on spacecraft separation.

No, nothing you do with #google #chrome is secure; Google uses it to mine loads of data, including passwords, which according to @snowden leaks the #pentagon grabs from there
#listeningdevices are >NOT< a feature but an antifeature that people should shun and reasonable governments should, IMHO, ban (these record also people who do not consent to the EULA but are merely nearby)
#US "Presidential campaigns could be improved—streamlined, made more relevant to more voters and their worries, and likelier to result in better outcomes—and it wouldn’t require revolutionary change, just common-sense reforms."

seventy-three days into the year of the linux desktop

@linux Unix user since 2002. Linux user since 2003.

Removed Windows completely in 2006, decided against using it for anything, ever because the bloody thing just does not work. No regrets ever since.

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