3.8 million trees are cut down every year in China to make disposable chopsticks

Source: factourism.com/source/chopstic

There are hundreds of dead bodies on Mount Everest. Some of them are used by climbers as indicators for directions.

Source: factourism.com/source/dead-cli

China owns nearly all of the pandas in the world. They rent them out for about $1 million a year.

Source: factourism.com/source/renting-

A building in Japan has a highway passing through its 5th, 6th and 7th floors

Source: factourism.com/source/highway-

The greatest officially recorded number of children born to one mother is 69

Source: factourism.com/source/69-kids

The weeks leading up to Christmas are the most common time for couples to break up according to their Facebook status

Source: factourism.com/source/christma

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