There are only 14 possible calendar configurations. You can reuse your 2013 calendar in 2019.

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@factourism my glob, imagine the savings if we decided to _not_ print the year on agendas / calendar, but instead have a little note at the bottom saying "you can use this for the years xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx...". I suspect thousands of tonnes of unsold calendars and agendas go to the bin every year.

@factourism Back in the days of yore, the back of our Yellow Pages used to include the 14 calendars and a key for which to use for a wide range of years.


Yes and no.

Easter 2013 - March 31
Easter 2019 - April 21

The structure is the same, but the content can vary greatly.

@factourism Not if you're incorporating religious dates from another calendar you can't! Easter was 31st March or something in 2013 and will be 21st April in 2019.

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