"In fact, the souring of Game of Thrones exposes a fundamental shortcoming of our storytelling culture in general: we don’t really know how to tell sociological stories."

There's still no really good way to have proper good strong black tea on a train. It is what would make this long rainy ride perfect.

Centrism, a phantom position, takes the language of the left but the mechanics of the right.
[DEATH // SENTENCE] David Renton: The New Authoritarians

"lactose against intolerance"
sometimes my taste of humour is so easily satisfied

Have finished . Last two episodes felt like fulfilling a duty you only go through because you have gotten so far because the characters I once felt just felt flat at this point. Bit of a shame.

Trau mich schon den ganzen Tag wg möglicher Spoiler zu GoT oder dotheyknowitseurope.eu nicht auf Twitter und hätte deswegen fast diesen Tweet der fantastischen @f_schutzbach@twitter.com nicht geretweetet! ^^

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Die fantastische @evemassacre@twitter.com spricht über verletzte Männlichkeit und Radikalisierung nach rechts, morgen (Dienstag) bei uns im feministischen salon Basel.: mitte.ch/events/mittepolitics-

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"I think a lot of dudes need to do more than claim solidarity and outrage. We need to admit culpability and involvement. We need to admit responsibility."

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This myth of Brexit as a working class grassroots movement was debunked in this episode of Thinking Allowed bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09snwmt I know plenty of w/c remainers who are completely ignored by the media b/c they don’t fit the narrative created by Farage, Spiked, & posh Lexiteers. twitter.com/michaelpdeacon/sta

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Jetzt fängt DAS wieder an. Dabei ist doch allgemein bekannt, dass das Problem an Hatespeech nicht ist, dass die Leute sich nicht trauen würden, sowas unter ihrem Namen zu posten oder zu verschicken. spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzpoliti

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Iceland's Hatari has just shown this when their points were revealed

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yes that performance was shit, but at least Madonna used her platform to make a statement about Israel-Palestine 🇮🇱 🇵🇸 👏🏻

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This is the very best terrible thing I have ever seen

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I demand separate votes for stage impression and songs. smh

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