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imagination is killing the VR industry

Summer flu. Where's your @elonmusk@twitter.com now?

RT @jackiehluo@twitter.com: a term i learned is "jaq-ing off," as in "just asking questions," a rhetorical device i've discussed a lot, just never by that name. someone who's "just asking question" poses as intellectually curious when, in reality, they have no interest in your answer and an explicit agenda.

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Dropped out of lit & soc studies to work for a radio collective and a promoter collective and for touring with my band. I felt like the old white men hierarchy at university'd've crushed my passion for literature and meant constant struggle and humiliation

RT @tvoti@twitter.com What’s the greatest “point of divergence” in your life, a point where you made a choice, and you still kinda wonder what would have happened had you made the other one?

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Targeted influencing as a service "The Spinner* is a service that enables you to control articles presented to your wife on the websites she usually visits, in order to influence her on a subconscious level to initiate sex."
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Oh, sod off, now @Twitter@twitter.com forces you to see RT + fav numbers even on @TweetDeck@twitter.com? Really rubbing it in that quantification is crushing Social everywhere.

Trial runs for fascism: The trickiest step is "to undermine moral boundaries, inure people to the acceptance of acts of extreme cruelty". Test how it goes down if you put babies in cages, get people to watch refugees drown, register Roma and Jews.

RT @theguyliner@twitter.com: When I see things like this, it reminds me – like I‘d ever forget – that my status as a citizen can be downgraded or revoked at any time if the use of my sexuality as a punchline requires it. If you’re LGBTQ and don’t see the issue, jam your eyes open with matches and look again.

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RT @theguyliner@twitter.com: When so-called “woke” people give homophobia a free pass because the effect on the target is more valuable than the effect on LITERALLY EVERY OTHER LGBTQ PERSON I want to take a bath with my toaster.

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RT @theguyliner@twitter.com: If only Putin had some kind of negative trait that could be used to insult him. No, I’m drawing a blank. Let’s say he’s gay. It’s fine. twitter.com/rustybertrand/stat

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Liberals still preferring a civilized conversation and a cream tea to the possibility of coming across rude whilst protecting the weak is why countries slip into fascism.

RT @wblau@twitter.com note to self: civilised discourse, the constant voluntary effort to at least understand your fiercest political opponent’s views is not just a question of manners, fairness or professionalism, but one of life and death. Without it, countries break apart, nations go to war.

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RT @shengfui@twitter.com: Es ist eine Schande, wie einige Journalisten hier das Märchen von "Mordaufrufen" gegen "Zeit"-Redakteure verbreiten, was auf einen @titanic@twitter.com ler zurückgeht, der lediglich eine unanständige Frage mit einer unanständigen Gegenfrage satirisch gespiegelt hat.

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RT @jwherrman@twitter.com: underrated: the facebook voice of god saying "the left and the right" as if we all know exactly what it means twitter.com/facebook/status/10

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Thread. HT @TiniDo@twitter.com
RT @APHClarkson@twitter.com By structuring the tragedy unfolding in the Med in a binary pro/contra debate, @berndulrich@twitter.com and @DIEZEIT@twitter.com structured a complex debate with terrible moral dilemmas in simplistic terms that hinder rather than foster tough debate.

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RT @TiniDo@twitter.com: Wo man jetzt wieder erzählt, Abos kündigen wäre undemokratisch, hole ich auch nochmal diesen Thread hervor.
tldr: Das ist Quatsch. Kündigt Abos, anders merkt da niemand, das ihr ernst meint, was ihr denkt. twitter.com/TiniDo/status/1004

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RT @Mr_Trout@twitter.com: the fundamental flaw in facebook’s fake news efforts: TRUTH isn’t a point of view twitter.com/kevinroose/status/

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Having just switched from the ever becoming slower and more bloated Evernote to @msonenote@twitter.com I find it hard to believe that it still has no word count.
RT @InsrtCoins@twitter.com From Microsoft's official help page: how to get a word count in OneNote.

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