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Iceland's Hatari has just shown this when their points were revealed

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yes that performance was shit, but at least Madonna used her platform to make a statement about Israel-Palestine 🇮🇱 🇵🇸 👏🏻

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Did she not want to get her roots done? Looks Tesco Madge, sounds like generic gay summer

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Who'd thought Venga Boys would be the soundtrack to bringing the government down? <3 you protesters in Vienna!
(background: youtube.com/watch?v=FETqfqmYjy)

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As hurricane Sandy blacked out lower Manhattan in October 2012, the generators in Goldman Sachs’s building kicked in = stark image of the capitalocene

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Wir freuen uns sehr auf @evemassacre@twitter.com, die am 21.6 in der spediton Bremen unser Gast sein wird. Sie begibt sich mit ihrem Vortrag auf die Suche nach utopischen Entwürfen Marginalisierter + wie Speculative Fiction für eine inklusivere Stadt aussehen könnte citydataexplosion.tumblr.com/p

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🤣this is the funniest algo-search result 'error', especially funny because it has planted Mr Bean in amongst the plant kingdom. The search engine automatically generates other popular searches of trees but Rowan is both a type of tree and the name of the actor Rowan Atkinson.

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‘Where are we with feminist methods?’ The 'Methods' issue is FREE to view/download now til 8 June. A researcher's must-read. journals.sagepub.com/toc/fera/

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Theobald Fuchs ordnet auf der vermeintlich aktuelle Technologieneuheiten mit viel Humor in einen historischen Kontext ein. Großartig. Erinnert mich wieder an das Zitat, dass auf jedem Panel mit einem Futuristen auch ein Historiker sitzen muss.

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ab 22h auf @FSK@twitter.com über

:: vernetzte u verletzte Männlichkeit ::

die Folge heißt nach einem Vortrag von @evemassacre@twitter.com
über konservative, rechte, extremistische (cis-)Männer-Zusammenschlüsse im Netz

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See, the good ones post an RSS link too.

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we haven't even got to our new podcast yet. BLEAK STRATEGIES is our excellently-named new podcast in which we are gonna discuss the distinctly unglamorous reality of what it means to be a band in this contemporary moment when everything is fucked. 65daysofstatic.com/Bleak-Strat

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Whenever I think I am done with guitar music a wonderful night like tonight's with Gym Tonic (pic) and Lassie pops up and I'm in love again.

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