I hope gov will be CSU + Greens (bad, but well, it's Bavaria), but I fear that it will be CSU + FDP + Free Voters.
RT @OlafStorbeck@twitter.com CSU lost more voters to Greens than to AfD, but combined loss to AfD & regional right-of center Free Voters is still bigger. Even worse CSU meltdown was prevented by mobilising previous non-voters

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RT @evanrosskatz@twitter.com: Morgan McMichaels wearing an "I PUNCH NAZIS' shirt during a gig, then punching an actual nazi who tried attacking her and THEN having her cast stoned is today's mood.

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RT @wolffch@twitter.com Und es geht los🎉 @nueww@twitter.com startet offiziell mit der Pressekonferenz. Mit dabei @michael_fraas@twitter.com @_SELLWERK@twitter.com @silbury_it@twitter.com @norisnetwork@twitter.com @DATEV@twitter.com @ERGODirekt@twitter.com @consorsbank@twitter.com @ingodibella@twitter.com und unzählige ehrenamtliche Helfer🙏

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RT @LunaisAmerica@twitter.com: This is my son. He is a gentleman who treats ladies with respect. He’s afraid to date right now because of the current climate. Seriously, because of the actual climate his future kids won’t be able to survive. I vote.

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RT @living_marble@twitter.com: This is MY son. He singlehandedly runs a small hotel. He's a homeowner. He knows a boy's best friend is his mother. He goes a little mad sometimes. He won't go on solo dates due to the current climate of false accusations by radical anti-shower-stabbing feminists. I VOTE.

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RT @shannonandswift@twitter.com: This is MY son. My special, special boy. He is #1 in my heart and does what his Mother tells him. He's a good boy. He doesn't go on solo dates because of the current climate of drug use and promiscuity among radical teenagers... but he does have an axe to grind. I VOTE.

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RT @robhorning@twitter.com: "queryless search" is some Orwellian "war is peace"-style phrasing

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Lil' Facebook AI tugging your sleeve like: "Mommy, mommy, is this this 'cultural marxism' Uncle Jordan is always talking about?"

Scary and true for most shifts to the right in Europe: People vote for authoritarian. That's why only focussing on class / anti-austerity politics will not save us.
RT @hautepop@twitter.com This is a pretty remarkable chart on how Brexit age-polarised the U.K. electorate - and how that’s stuck

via @tony_nog@twitter.com’s thread on Brexit as authoritarian, not anti-austerity twitter.com/tony_nog/status/10

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RT @timmaughan@twitter.com: From speculative art to everyday dystopia, what a difference 18 months makes

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Has Alexa taken over or is Amazon really desperate to sell? To me these assistants still are stuck in the league of tech toys that get boring after a month or two. Not enough use cases.

RT @karen_ec_levy@twitter.com: My meditation app’s suggested remedy for insomnia: reading from the text of the GDPR.

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Whenever I think maybe the backlash isn't really *that* bad, sth like this pops up.
RT @untamableshrews@twitter.com Young woman is accepted to the University of Sussex and this is in her welcome bag. WTF @SussexUni@twitter.com Do you have any respect for women? This is sexual harassment.

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Ich freu mich arg, dass Markus @leogfischer@twitter.com uns beehrt! In Bayern. Man denke sich.
RT @musikvereink4@twitter.com Gerade noch rechtzeitig vor der Wahl hat uns da noch wer zugesagt: @leogfischer@twitter.com liest am 3.10. in Nürnberg aus "Gottes Werk und mein Beitrag - Die komplett erfundene Autobiografie des Markus Söder"!

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scrobblers still scrobbling.
RT @fascinated@twitter.com hey, add me on @lastfm@twitter.com: last.fm/user/fascinated

that's right, i said @lastfm@twitter.com

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RT @sixtus@twitter.com stellt klar: Die Gegensätze lauten "die da oben" und "wir hier unten", wobei "wir hier unten" bitte keine Unterschiede zwischen links und rechts macht, weswegen auch nicht mehr über Nazi-Horden in Chemnitz geredet werden soll. Das spaltet die doch nur!

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i can't wait!
RT @musikvereink4@twitter.com Unsere erste Club Night im neuen Venue: @evemassacre@twitter.com's DRAMA with special guest @mechatok@twitter.com (staycore/presto?!)!

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