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@czaplic: Huge thank you to @robheghan for his data structure improvements in @elmlang 0.19

E.g. 170% faster Dict.insert and 30% faster Dict.remove

Really excellent work! Excited that it is finally released!

Every week I'm on a podcast called "Smashing Security" where we have a light-hearted discussion about the world of infosec.

In our latest episode, "Hacky sacky hack hack", we ask is your used car still connected to its old owner? Just how did Apple manage to identify the teenager hacker who stole 90GB of the firm's files? And why on earth would a firm of lawyers start producing pornographic videos?

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@ThePanpsycast: Out now! ‘Episode 44, The Steven Pinker Interview’. As always, it's free for everybody on all good podcast platforms!

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