What idiot called it "Sexual Reassignment Surgery" and not "Tuck Everlasting"

A couple travels across a battered countryside. At every outpost they meet people and get to like them. But after they leave, those people start to change. Their flesh rots off, their vocabulary degenerates, and one by one they follow the couple on their doomed voyage.

The couple have no idea, but they're carriers of a zombie plague, and as they travel they are creating a zombie army.

Coming this summer:

The Friends We Made Along The Way

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hey yall just pipe this whole fucking album into your earholes i guarantee it's worth it
it's like if funk were cybre

"Transit Detection of a 'Starshade' at the Inner Lagrange Point of an Exoplanet", E. Gaidos

AWS is a very professional service. So professional that they don't enumerate the possible values of a field in their API docs.

why does this single-syllable word corpus have "thot" in it


alright, i'm
jacked in
the cybre

*pulls up in an 80s car trailing purple gridlines, rolls down the window*

no time to explain, jack in

sites with expired LE ccertificates make me sad. don't make me sad!

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