Gonna start migrating my main account interactions from this account over to a new community-managed instance @epilanthanomai@signs.codes .

Four years ago today I took my first spironolactone, estradiol, and progesterone pills. It's been one heck of a rollercoaster, but so very good for me.

~/.ssh/config functions way better as a config file that ~/.ssh/comfig ever did. *facepalm*

Hmmm. Might not be working. Maybe I'll hafta run a copy myself :-)

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@DiceCat long roll 16d10s! # omg this dice bot has me super excited about the possibility of masto-based rp

Coming out of a busy week. When activities are fun I really enjoy them in a moment, but it's very easy for me to uproot my grounding and very hard for me to regain it. Somewhere in there is a skill I need to practice, but I'm having trouble identifying it precisely.

Today on masto I've followed Aphrodite, Sappho, and Plato. How's your day going?

Sweet Mother, I Cannot Toot, Slender Aphrodite Has Overcome Me With Longing For A Girl

It Took a Jury 9 Minutes to Decide a Man Could Legally Blast 'Fuck tha Police' Near an Officer 

Had a good meet and greet in tonight. Several folks interested in working toward a more structured event. I'm excited.

I am vaguely considering a "book club" where people get together with tea and cake and just read whatever damn books are on their reading pile rather than trying to keep up with each other.

Faceplace tells me that two years ago today I got a driver's license with my correct gender marker on it. Two years feels simultaneously like forever and no time at all.

Maaan 20-years-ago Chris Baldwin's characters planted so many seeds that 20-years-ago me needed. So very glad I'm rereading Bruno: It's remarkable how big she was for me.

Somehow I've failed to listen to for my entire life, despite a dozen years in the burn community. Today their "Divine Moments of Truth" literally put me in tears of amazement and just holy fucking shit y'all.

I have friends elsenet asking for explicitly sexwork-positive masto instances. I know I don't have a ton of followers, but maybe you know one you can recommend?

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