I'm sorry I'm so awful at keeping up here... been busyish and keeping up with multiple things is a touch of a chore but I will keep trying!!!

dao's glue is a bit shit but I'm trying the heat & restick before putting down another adhesive

I've almost completed my ongoing quest of cleaning up everything I fucking can in this house. my living room is operating on a godly level

and it's not like he hasn't been outwardly obvious about it at points too... i guess just nobody took it seriously? u think people jokin about gay shit is always a joke but so much of the time people joke because it makes them feel safer about being something... real

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i'm kind of amazed that it took tyler's newest tracks for people to realize he's gay, all of his "anti-gay" lyrical content comes almost obviously from a place of internalized hatred and fear of being "the gay black rapper". it always struck me as relatable in its self-disgust, not outwardly hateful.

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@emma_essex this is why I think the ideal fediverse endgame isn't a handful of largeish instances, but a lot of small or single-user instances running out of people's houses or personal VPSes

we've got a long way to go before that can become a reality though

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@emma_essex I agree with this. Another issue caused by blocking other instances like many are doing is it leads users to create multiple accounts on various instances just to be able to see stuff from those instances (pawoo for example), which further fragments and defeats the point of federation.

thanks for checking it out with me, let's see where it goes at least. this is why I didn't outright abandon twitter haha

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@emma_essex It's missing the point entirely i feel. Users aren't babies (I hope, this is debatable sometimes) and can choose to block who they want. Making those decisions for them with little notice is kind of a dick move. "Nazi.party" if it were a masto instance sure, fuck that, but pawoo you can just block the users that get boosted if you don't like what you see? Being an admin shouldn't mean being a parent, especially on social sites. People don't understand the control they have I think

such is giving a service a trial run, I suppose

me a week ago: this is brilliant


my personal ideals: hold your admins accountable and don't support sweeping instance blocks and shared block lists outside of genuinely hateful instances.

also: if you're on an instance for its rules (say CW stuff) but follow people from instances without those rules, whats the point unless you're v invested in the local posts? imposing the rules on others obviously doesn't work, will the user be blocked from another instance if they operate outside the rules of it? lots of gray areas.

I suppose what I'm getting at is uhhh... hm...

what I'm getting at is right now this is not sustainable and can't replace twitter by a long shot, especially for creative people.

I believe in blocking or muting users on a case by case basis, not umbrellas (unless the entire umbrella is genuinely hateful) - and I certainly don't believe in umbrellas blocking other umbrellas, especially as a personal admin dislike thing

(no, this isn't something I'll stop talking about. it's a huge problem when it comes to an interconnected decentralized network, and something I think users should be very critical of and concerned about)

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(a bunch of artists join the pawoo instance due to lack of censorship. pawoo is blocked by dozens of other instances through a shared block list. mastodon immediately fails as a platform for artists before it could even pick up speed)


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