I'm also really hungry but my girlfriend is making me hard boiled eggs and it's 3:35 am. I love her so much.

This story is either getting a lot better or I'm disturbed when I'm exhausted.

writing down funny ideas about a story about a guy whose life goes to hell after he finds a burger on his front porch

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I grab you by the jorts. I whisper, "Put this in your fanny pack," as I press a Butterfinger into your palm.

You do.

I have a love hate relationship with Japanese Netflix Originals. They're SOO good but they're always just one season because most times based on a manga. I want more of these shenanigans. If not just one more season.

Legit question what if my dog starts talking tommorow during the solar eclipse?

I'm very pleased with myself for coming up with a short story based on two words that randomly popped into my head and wouldn't leave. 

"Stupid coffee"

We could do some weird shit if we all just agreed to go along with it. A kid could be born tomorrow and could be raised thinking that George Washington and David Copperfield were the same person.

What if we all told each other that the moon was an illusion created by the sun and agreed to tell future generations the same thing?

The solar eclipse is just a ploy to get people to buy solar panels. When was the last time you looked directly at the sun?

Thought so.

I find it hilarious whenever I hear mention of the "dark web" whenever I watch TV commercials. There's one going around where they'll alert you if they find your private info on "the dark web".

I picture some guy getting paid to download TAILS onto his computer and surfing TOR all day. Bless him.

Having a hummingbird feeder had just increased my desire to eat a hummingbird. Maybe in a fried form.

btw if anyone can tell me where I can find the first 3 seasons (and apparently a movie) of Midnight Diner aka Shinya Shokudo I'd really appreciate it.

holy crap I just found out my favorite Netflix Japan show that I wasn't sure would ever get another season IS ACTUALLY THE 4TH SEASON.

Alas, I fear the body will win this time. There is always time for tacos.

My head says street tacos but my body says lazy.

We made okonomiyaki today. I figured it'd be difficult to make but it was sooo easy and it tasted soooooo good.

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I'm not CW'ing this because it's important:

toot more about your creative endeavours, or things you've found you like

including programming, art, music, games, and stuff

There's more to life than ranting about Capitalism or the government, people have been doing that for centuries, and creates negative feedback loops that pull people in

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