Ok I found an even cooler alternative. in combination with . It uses the Nvidia Remote Protocol to Stream games, but with the Sunshine server it's free of the Windows-Only Restriction so I can stream from my machine from Germany to Spain but not only one game but the complete Desktop. Awesome! This means any device can be used for Linux Gaming. I will try my at some time.

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The most snappy experience of a phone UI on the after a test of the pboot images is the . Imho this shows what is possible by optimization and I hope /GNOME and /KDE will get there too.

I really like on my it offers the same user experience as on the desktop but on a mobile screen and without any performance cuts (and I tried my Flacs 😄) best converted app I tested so far.

Using with does someone else also have the problem, that you cqnnot access the overlay keyboard with firefox or tootle?

Hey @gbryant / @linmob - released a build for x64 . As you own a ever thought of testing if the build of the steam link works on the Librem 5 from @purism and/or the from @PINE64? I think of going anywhere with a using vpn to my local network, wakeonlan my home pc, connect the phone with convergence to a monitor and peripherals and start gaming.


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