I have an idea for a new platform, which to my knowledge does not yet exist.
With this service you can explore locations as you see all uploaded media for your current position. You can also alter the date to see uploads on different dates and by this go to events or simply see how the place changed or who posted there in the past.
You can also "travel" looking at other places or follow people through there posts.
My idea is that it is and uses . Boost?

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If anyone has ideas on this or would like to participate you can post here.

@dukethereal this idea has a likeness to the #openEngiadina project.

There's the experimental #ActivityPub server CPub, written in #Elixir that sat at the heart of the app.

The idea of openEngiadina is to facilitate 'Local knowledge networks', where anyone can specify arbitrary #RDF #LinkedData.

CPub is no longer maintained, but the code is ready to build on. Project continues on top of #XMPP with #GeoPub and #ActivityStreams support, so it is #Fediverse compatible.

#WikimediaCommons has such a feature, with which you can display images tagged with coordinates in the vicinity:
It's also available as a map:

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