Decriminalize sex work.

But also destigmatize it.

@diabola I guess you mean decriminalize and de-stigmatize the people who actually sell their body. I totally agree.
To me it is strange that the pimp is also recognized as sex worker.
My latest view on this topic (which changes over time) is that the pimp and the "customer" should be criminalized.
They are buying a service which is in a lot of cases is served by poor people who would not if they could afford not to. This is exploitation and unregulated capitalism at it's worst.

@dukethereal @diabola
Pimps are not sexworkers!

Also, criminalizing customers (like it happens in Sweden) will always lead to a marginalization of sexworkers (as it happens in Sweden) since they have to operate covertly and under the police‘s radar in order to be able to conduct their business forcing them to seek protection by criminals.

@dukethereal @diabola
Normalize and legalize sexwork so we can apply all the legal protection regular employees and self-employed people have. That includes being able to be legally employed in sexwork, register a business in sexwork or being a legal self-employed sexworker with all the costs and benefits (taxation, workplace safety, healthcare etc.) a any regular business comes with.


@nvi we can exclude @diabola from the discussuon as she seemed to have blocked me instead of trying to discuss.

I like the idea of having it as a normal job. Maybe also with a workers Union or a high minimum wage.

I don't want to prohibit someone to work in their dream job. I want to avoid people from eastern Europe or students are exploitet because they need the money for studies or family.
Actually I didnt know the Swedish model before the disc in the green party

@nvi before that I always thought that there was legal prostitution in Europe like in Germany and illegal prostituion in the US. I understand that there are people who like to work this way, but I don't think that should be an argument to look away from problems that seem to exist.

No one is saying we should look away from exploitation.
But in order to do any policing towards exploitation in sexwork, we first need to create the safe-space for non-exploiting sexwork to exist.
You can’t be „pro sexworkers“ and „anti sexwork“ at the same time since sexwork will always exist one or the other way.

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