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Today we are proposing a set of new rules for all digital services: the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act.
We want to make sure users have access to a wide choice of safe products and services online, and that businesses compete fairly and freely.

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Incredible news from the EU: mandating open interoperability for communication silos, or face a 10%(!!!) fine of worldwide turnover. @facebook@twitter.com, @slack@twitter.com, @microsoftteams@twitter.com, @whatsapp@twitter.com, @twitter@twitter.com - you know where to find us... :) 🙋🏼‍♀️

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I don't think interoperability in this context means what you make it sound it means. They want to force big platform providers to allow third-parties to integrate with their platforms as good as the providers own software does.

For example, Slack would be required to make sure that their API allows to create a bot with all the features that "slackbot" has. One main reason for Slacks success is that they provide a very powerful API. Hard to put any blame on them wrt interoperability.

@larma @matrix At start I thought so too. After the press conference I understand the following:

There are core services and you can offer upon those also other services. The regulation would require interoperability to allow others to compete with you on those extra services.
If my core service is a monopoly chat system, I don't have to interoperate. If I add upon it a payment system I would have to open up the payment also to other payment providers instead of binding everyone to use mine.


@larma @matrix So to stay with the whatsapp example I guess you can only enforce companies that have several services, that they cannot prefer their own chat system and e.g. integrate whatsapp directly into facebook (replacing the fb messanger) without allowing an integration of other chat services into facebook.

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