@TheKinrar I'm not sure what to do, I've gotten myself in a bit of a fix. I've forgotten both my password and my email, and the only way to access this is from my phone. Is it possible to recover my email? From there I can reset password as normal :))

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security.txt | A proposed standard which allows websites to define security policies securitytxt.org/

I pick up my first metroid game and die on the first boss

I'll try again later, I felt so skilled at the beginning

Trans Internet Security Risk 

But no. That's just something that people type a lot, I guess?

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Toilet comic #1 - no reason to fear thinking (cw: food)

Toilet comic #2 - sometimes you should trust other people more

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I watched Bandersnatch.

It was fun and interesting. I feel like it's more successful as a game experience than a movie, but I think that's also mostly the point.

I would say watch it if you are interested in what it does. Ha ha. Not super helpful advice, I know.

If you like getting lost in thoughts, recursive thinking and postulating on the nature of reality, then this is probably up your alley.

lewd thoughts 

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