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Aesop's Fable

A bit of a repost from me, because this is a new version with spot black on the crow.

#comics #webcomic #makingcomics #bird #eyecontact

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is auctioning later this week 30 oil and gas drilling blocks. These are located across the world's largest tropical peatlands.

This is an urgent global disaster and it needs so much more attention than it has received so far.

#SaveCongoRainforest #CancelToxicAuction

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@torstentorsten @douginamug

We currently do not offer ETFs because we are (still) of the opinion that ETFs cannot be sustainable. However, with OnlineInvest we have an offer with really 100% sustainable investments. We have thoroughly tested them according to our strictest investment criteria. Have a look.

"Man sollte die Wahrheit dem anderen wie einen Mantel hinhalten, daß er hineinschlüpfen kann - nicht wie ein nasses Tuch um den Kopf schlagen."

"One should hold out ones subjective truth like a warm coat for the other to slip into - not slap around the head with it like a wet towel."

—Max Frisch

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I seem to meet more and more people who wonder what to do with their money. Inheritance or well-paying jobs. 5, maybe 6 figures, I don't ask for details.

Most look around for something 'relatively secure', and go with ETFs.

Seems like a waste. What can I recommend them instead?

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Many Web3 folks say it's "like coops/mutuals but scaleable".

How do we measure scale?

Coop banks have 900 million members worldwide: US credit unions alone have added 35+ million since 2008 (+10% of the population!).

The value of all Web3 firms combined would be less than a rounding error for Vanguard, a mutual which owns +10% of the S&P 500: up from 4% in 2008.

I'm all for trying out new ideas on user ownership, but so far, it has been Web3 that has failed to scale: not coops or mutuals.

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I need every infosec person to understand that surveillance capitalism is structural, not individual, and we are not going to ethically-consume our way out of it please and thank

Transport: does anyone have a spreadsheet/rule-of-thumb for choosing between various journey routes accounting for:
* overall journey time
* cost
* number of changes
* 'comfort'
* rough CO2

? I don't, and get stuck in option analysis. (This is one of the biggest motivations for hitching normally)

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The fediverse,
where people disagree
And fight
A lot; But,
They agree to disagree
And nomusk can buy
The fediverse

#welcome #twitter #musk

I use Whatsapp and Element,
Zoom and Bigbluebutton,
Facebook and Mastodon.

Is there a name for those of us with a foot in both worlds? Who struggle to reconcile pragmatism and progress?

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"Complex intersections of race and class: Among social liberals, learning about White privilege reduces sympathy, increases blame, and decreases external attributions for White people struggling with poverty" - PsycNET

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The present is a tower that now is so tall, that the past and the future look like a chasm. A chasm one which we gaze with anxiety and reluctance. #philosophyofhistory #presentism

Also, fahren wir alle schwarz nach dem 9-euro ticket oder wat?

If a car kills me on my bike (or on foot), I explicitly desire my death to be instrumenalised for more and better cycle/walk ways.

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In order to talk about our captcha's accessibility, we're scheduling a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday 2022-07-21) at 19.00 CEST (17.00 UTC), probably via the BigBlueButton hosting of @senfcall.

We hope to get through the important topics within an hour. I'll
happily share the link here if anyone is interested to join us.

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Am Sonntag ist Demo gegen Autobahnausbau in Dresden. Start 8:00 am Bahnhof Neustadt. Dieses Mal geht es tatsächlich über die Autobahn!

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