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New thing I'm trying: leave no interactive tabs open at end of browser session, pin no interactive tabs.

i.e. nothing that pings or has changing favicons (masto, element, telegram, etc.)

I have a phone for notifications if I want them πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

Already feel good.

Given relative population throughout history, have their been more deaths from 'Christian infighting' (e.g. Catholic/Protestent) or 'Islamic infighting' (e.g. Shia/Sunni) ?

Sticker fail.

Originally read 'FGHT NZS', but the 'FGHT' was written in white, and since the background (red) has faded, it just looks like 'NZS', especially in the evening πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

On top of that, I believe more and more that 'negating the frame, reinforces the frame', and that where possible we should positively, constructively frame our beliefs. (That's not to discredit resistance)

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Getting a messy divorce with fierce legal disputes and a cancer that requires expensive treatment boosts GDP.

Taking time off work to have a walk in the beach with your partner reduces GDP.

Why is this the key metric of success of our societies?!

@rey - did you think about reverting your instance's stance?

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Does anyone know of an instance that banned suspended, then re-allowed it?

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15 Reasons to Burn Your Money

Compelling... Suggestion to burn token amounts to reintroduce sacrifice and break the mythology of money.

Hey @theblockchainsocialist

Which podcast of yours (or someone else) would you recommend to introduce skeptical progressives/communists/lefties to the potential of crypto?

I'm thinking of something which is relatively short, and strikes a balance between technical detail and catchiness.

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Got our Gancio instance up and running today! It's going to let us manage events and bookings in a way that reflects our space's needs - recurring events, lots of options for timeslots, and a group of admins rather than a single user than can approve events.


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Hello all. After some prompting I've finally signed up. I'll take some time to get to know how things work.

Meanwhile, it's been suggested I post blog articles. Here's the latest. I'm told there's none of that here :)

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I would also like to remind you that, if you can and want to, you're able to support the hosting costs of the instance (about 100€/month) on Patreon and Liberapay: and

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Hi everyone! Here's a recap of what happened since yesterday.
In order to reduce hosting costs, I changed the server hosting this instance but I clearly underestimated the resources required. Therefore the instance stayed down for way more time that expected and I fought for more than ten hours trying to get it back up. In the end I ordered a new server, again, quite like the old one but still less expansive. Therefore the instance is now back online! :)

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We recently got our little bookstore up and running at Mark Of the Beastro/The Beehive (SLC, UT). Books and zines from AK Press, PM Press, @DetritusBooks, @thefinalstrawradio and more!

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I've been for the first time since years on some family birthday party.
I dressed in a way that absolutely does not fit my assumed gender for the first time in such a setting.

No one openly question my dress, or behaved in any way different, despite some conservatives that were present.

I still need to figure out why, but I believe it's a good sign. Culture is changing!
And that's also because of things you did. Thank you.

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Hey there, that's my #introduction

🌻 I'm a semi-professional gardener, working in a urban csa (community supported agriculture) in #Leipzig.

🏘️ Also sometimes part-time living in a #community #housingproject in #Wurzen (#Kanthaus).

:ablobcatheartsqueeze: I'm interested in #organic and sustainable gardening (also in larger scales), #permaculture, #hitchhiking, resource-sharing, #foodsharing and #diy.

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