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What lies beneath (Demmeringstraße, Leipzig) - a bunch of tubes

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the whole concept of "app" as thought of today is a consequence of free software having been completely obliterated as a cultural concept

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Landscape 🏞️
- projectors
- laptops
- natural human vision

Portrait 👤
- printed text
- mobile phones

Trying to accommodate for both
- 🤡

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WOW! FPV drone footage at the volcanic eruption in Fagradalsfjall Iceland. Definitely watch to the end.


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Mix peanut butter with ~1/3 apple juice.

Consistency is somewhere between hummus and peanut butter.

No 'stickiness'—can eat more peanut butter in less times.

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Another thing about community management, which came up in this very thread: I really wanna re-emphasize the whole "Let people delete their past selves" thing.

Everyone, without exception, says stupid things online. Everyone, with very few exceptions, reflects on the stupid things they said once upon a time, and cringes. The only people who don't are people who don't grow, change, and learn.

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I unfollow people that post 'too much'.

Not because they post crap, it's just that my attention is limited, and I want to share it between many.

tuning markdown with images into html slides

how we doin that 2021

(had been using

Getting pretty tired of people being like "Occupy, XR, FFF—those movements failed because they disbanded without getting all their demands"

Movements are transformative and transitory. Just because it's hard to quantify personal transformation, societal narratives, etc doesn't mean they don't have huge effects.

Celebrating only the point where the thing changes is arrogant ignorance of everything that is stood upon.

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We've increased our level of #tempeh making! Some explanation: we designed and 3D printed a tempeh mold, using food safe plastic (PETG), which we filled with half-ground soybeans and a fungus (rhizopus oligosporus) and let it grow in our custom-made incubator for ~30 hours. The result is this amazing, delicious, protein-packed tempeh <3

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#Tusky has been removed from the PlayStore by Google

Imagine if in the next wave of climate protests, sex-workers and amateurs get trending 🤔

"I don't care about cookies" add-on promises to block cookie notices

Just installed, hope it delivers... any comments/other suggestions for dealing with the total shitshow that is cookie implementation?

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