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Me: The word Capitalism is a straw-man, it was created by a socialist.

Fediverse: Hm, interesting, I disagree with you about X but agree with Y.


What do we have to do to get threaded chat on element?

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Does anyone know if Xprize obligates contestents/winners to publicly and freely disclose R&D?

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Force Directed Graph of the London Tube Map – including CrossRail!

Force Directed Graphs of the London Underground have been done many times before - but I think I'm the first person to add the new Elizabeth Line (CrossRail).

I've also created a JSON graph of all of London's rail services - including DLR, Trams, C2C, ThamesLink etc.



#/etc/ #map #opendata #tfl #tube

Ah, so that's how Senators make money: trading on the stock market, given the insider info they get from lobbyists:

Aim: plant new forest (intending it to become ancient) on what is currently farmed land.

Agricultural land in Germany: ~1-5€/m^2

Grundsteuer/Landtax on a 100,000€ piece of land (i.e. 100,000-20,000 m^2): 1,800€/year

That's a lot of money I don't have. Anyone think of some sane way to do that within current systemic constraints? @cjd @LeoSammallahti perhaps?

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it's 2023 and a Peruvian shaman is holding a ceremony to grieve the loss of your misplaced bitcoins

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25. If fire break out in a house, and some one who comes to put it out cast his eye upon the property of the owner of the house, and take the property of the master of the house, he shall be thrown into that self-same fire.

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Today I ended up using awk

It's been a long day

😅 💩 😴

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@ntnsndr @gendor @douginamug
"whether stock trades are where class struggle is most usefully found"

There is no way to know in advance which combination of these strategies will prove most effective. The only way we know to approach such situations is through large-scale experimentation, and the anarchist model of allowing everyone to approach the problem how they see fit is a highly effective one.

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@cjd @gendor @douginamug

Alexis is not one to deny the reality of class struggle. The question is whether stock trades are where class struggle is most usefully found, as opposed to labor organizing, community organizing, and mass mobilization. The question of solidarity is key here is "hold" a sufficient expression of it?

@cjd do you by any chance know of some nice graphical/comic description of the whol market/stock thing? From small company, to big company, to IPO, to trading, etc?

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Question: why has there been little/no chat about /#WSB in my timeline?

I get that it's about stocks/trading, but some have been calling it 'Occupy Wall Street 2.0'.

Possibly millions of people using the stock market to put two fingers up to the hedge-funders, possibly the biggest 'market activism' event of my lifetime, and really not much masto chat 🧐

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It is difficult to get a [person] to understand something when [their identity] depends upon [them] not understanding it.

I sent an old friend who studied Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations (the last year of that course at our uni!) a link to

He wrote: "A fascinating aspect of the Code, as well as the 12 Tablets of the early Roman Republic, is that they are a huge break from the powerful (king or oligarchs) having the arbitrary power to decide in the moment what the punishment will be for a transgression. Now it was written down for all (who could read or pay a scribe) to see."

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1989: Robin Williams and Marsha Garces, pregnant with their daughter Zelda.

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