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*Cool person:* ... but ultimately the problem is neoliberalism 😎

*Me:* Great! Finally someone else who wants to reverse the WTO-enforced abandoning of tariffs, which undermines social and ecological policy at the national level, since it puts those countries at a market disadvantage! πŸ€“

*Cool person... is gone


Lets talk about tariffs people, thank you and good evening.

I have started using the pronoun 'one' a lot more when speaking English since beginning to learn

In German one uses 'man' all the time to that effect. Using 'you' for the person you are talking to, and also for a hypothetical person is... bad.

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Rwandese Claver Bizimungu built an artificial waterfall and generating machinery from spare parts and scrap metals that eventually powered 60 homes in his area.

Each family that is connected to electricity pays only Rwf 1000 ($1.01) per month to him.

This Rwandan With No formal Education Built His Own Electric Power Plant

@wolf480pl in a way... more closer would be if no one is encouraged to volunteer, in the end all volunteers will give up.

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@cjd oh? Either we have quite different feeds, or I'm not perceiving stuff as tanky

Screenshots from 'the flowering of the hippy movement' a personal account + interviews about the original hippy scene, and the reasons for its demise.

Spoiler: free-riding off of ideological volunteerism 🀷 Is this a counterpart to the Paradox of Tolerancem

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If Democrats want to win over more non-college educated maybe talk about non-college education?

During the democratic primary debates college was mentioned 146 times. Apprenticeships were mentioned once (can anyone guess by who?).

This is despite union apprenticeships being shown to provide great results.

Non-college education disproportionally impacts the lives of the poor and ethnic minorities.

So why the obsession with colleges, universities and the Ivy League?

@cjd lol, have you had a run in with the Marxists recently? Always frustrating eh

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@VictorVenema @datenburg yes, I saw those phones! But, for example, one can get a Samsung a3 2016 (very small, nice for people who want small phones) reliably for 40 Eur, or a samsung s5 neo (last with removable battery) for 55.

I was thinking more in this direction... But let me know if you develop anything. I'm particularly curious about how to reach possible buyers and price in donations to the projects

Pluralism corollary: pluralism implies that not all parties may support pluralism.

Pluralism is tolerance, in the paradox-of-tolerance sense

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The 'If-everyone-else-shared-all-my-beliefs' Theory-of-Change.

-- keep all those pesky pragmatists away!

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Those who do not read history will be doomed to say unprecedented a lot.

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I was born in USSR. There were no votes in USSR. I remember Perestroika. When I was just a teen, my parents were seriously discussing going off the grid to sit out the civil war if the 1991 KGB putsch against Gorbachev succeeded. Everybody was surprised when it failed. What followed was very confusing time, people had no idea how democracy is supposed to work, including the people who somehow made it work anyway, for a few years.

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@mpjgregoire quick search indicates mastodon is caps agnostic.

@yala @cos wee, what a thread! I liked your orthogonal contribution.

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