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🎢vote, vote, let it all out🎢

ukpol, tactical voting 

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ukpol, tactical voting 

What does an anticapitalist market look like?

@syndikalista like anything! I get annoyed when people refuse to even engage with the topic, immediately thinking the topic is crappy reformism.

This basically means they want no markets at all. Which is fine, but then I think the burden of responsibility to come up with an alternative lies with them, and they usually don't have anything tangible.

AWS conference spyware device 

re: anticapitalism, long 

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Ukpol, election 

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Don't take chances! UK political parties are shifting dramatically and what may have been a safe seat before might not be now. If you're allowed to vote, please do it!

There are more of us than there are of them.

If we show up, we can win!

(If we don't show up, well, that happens a lot tbh. It would be nice to avoid more austerity.)

The best thing about anticapitalists is that they're anticapitalists.

The worst thing is that they (usually) ignore market intervention and want to get rid of markets without any ideas how to replace their useful properties πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

(Speaking as a committed commoner that sometimes gets frustrated with my 'more radical' friends)

Climate Breakdown 

@tagomago yeah... I only did something for the floor 1 rooms πŸ˜…

I made an floorplan of Kanthaus (the common house I live in) using , then made it viewable in the browser and interactive with 😺

Take a tour πŸ˜† Feedback welcome ✍️


@CreatureOfTheHill Oooh, nice job! πŸŽ‰ Did you do the trisquel from scratch?

@CreatureOfTheHill I'm working on an SVG/webpage project to make an interactive floorplan of the common house I live in.

I was thinking it could be not so hard to make an interactive wheel of the year :)

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Hope it's OK to share a work thing on here. I was commissioned by the Energy Advice Hub to write a comparison of the UK parties' manifesto promises on energy and the climate.

So I have waded through EIGHT different manifestos to find out what they're actually saying, as opposed to what the media says they're saying. I thought I would never finish it in time, for the election but it's finally been published. Please read and share if you can.

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