@coth @frankpodmore thanks you two. I'll try and do a bit more background research.

It would be the perfect action...

UK train strikes (but more general)

Why not run the trains, but publicly announce that no fees will be taken?

Workers would get total public support, instead of gradually eroding public support.

Anyone else listen to 'The Rest is Politics' podcast? It's good.

It's Alasdair Campbell (Blair's strategist) and Rory Stuart (ran for leader of Tories).

Today they're interviewing Edi Rama, PM of Albania

I love 💗 This year I've gotten more and more into editing, but fuck me is the whole editing experience clunky as 🤖 Anyone here been involved with or plugins for it?

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Meta-analysis, 2022: Are there any differences between the effects of different psychedelics on alleviating depression and anxiety?

TL;DR: No, it doesn't matter which psychedelic you take, but multiple sessions are more effective than a single session.

"Psilocybin, ayahuasca and LSD all appear to be effective and relatively safe agents capable of producing rapid and sustained improvements in anxiety and depression."


#psychedelics #science #anxiety #depression

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When people say they have nothing to hide, let's reply:

* Post your passwords here
* Write down everybody you hate
* Tell the world who you voted for
* List all the videos you watched

- Medical history.
- Sensitive conversations with employers, children, spouses.
- Billing and banking information.
- Purchase information.
- Web search history.
And more...

I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because 'your' judgement and intentions are.

And it doesn't matter whether or not my communications are weighty or frivolous in nature - they are mine and only for those whom I've chosen to share them with. Not the government's, nor goog's, nor my ISP's, but mine.

Also, what is legal where I live today, may not be legal tomorrow and my discussion of it may incriminate my future self. It has happened in the past many times to others in other places.

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"...nitrous oxide has rapid and marked antidepressant effects in patients with treatment-resistant depression... Depressive symptoms improved significantly at 2 hours and 24 hours after receiving nitrous oxide compared with placebo."

Anti-depressants have so many side effects, and - for some - don't work at all.

Good job we have nitrous oxide, a harmless gas with minimal side effects, huh?


#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #depression #happiness #science #psychology

Delicious bagels, great soup, good tunes, excellent literature and food share point at the @pinkpeacock south-side.

Do visit this queer, anarchist, vegan, Yiddish, anti-zionist, pay-as-you-can Café!


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You may have seen studies that test how experts evaluate verbal expressions of uncertainty, such as (very) likely, in terms of probability values. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Words_of
Image source: github.com/zonination/percepti

One robust finding is that most probabilistic expressions may correspond with a wide range of probability values. 1/2

I'm about for the next week or two. Anyone about? What's going down? Masto meetup?

@elliebusby smoking bad! (Although I still do a cheeky one or two when drinking... Otherwise vape, I got a dynavap, can recommend)

@tinderness wenn du es lassen willst, solltest du nicht antworten ;p

@tinderness kann ich verstehen. Das Konzept dahinter hat aber wert, meine Meinung nach.

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