@therealraccoon @owen Ah, so it's more an objection to the term. That seems fair.

Perhaps better to be more granular with i.e. responsibility dilution, absence of collective, etc. ToC seems to be more about the outcome, which can have multiple causes. To be honest, I don't think the term is going to drop out of usage any time soon.

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@becky @pfx feel free to use my thread as a platform! But yeah, this dude eh.

@therealraccoon do you mean generally of specifically? I.e., do you think there are no cases of ToC without external actors? (Don't have a strong opinion on this yet)

(Want to be kept in @owen ?)

@owen Ah, I'm quite bad at telling what's a shitpost and what-not.

Yes! Social media is in a sorry state of venture/surveillance capitalism, on a seemingly unending cycle.

There may be some parallels between pastures and platforms, but they're pretty diff. too.

There's a guy called Karl Bushby who started walking from the southernmost point of Chile towards Hull, England in 1998. He's still going! And should finish next year 👣

He crossed from North America to Russia over the Bering Strait when it was frozen in winter—after being sent back by the Russian authorities multiple times. The only part he'll have to swim is across the English Channel 🏊



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@owen Ah, I mean, there *have* been quite a lot of documented cases where, for myriad reasons, commoners did manage to degrade their shared resources to the point of destruction.

Because these commoners either moved on, or changed course, there is a bit of a 'survival bias', because the only one that were e.g. stolen by kings were the ones that made it!

Just don't want people to get too rosey-eyed about the good-ole-days.

('Governing the Commons' by Elinor Ostrom is my main source)

@carl ouch, aber ich hab das glücklicherweise als vorteil

Hat jemand Tipps wegen Staatsangehörigket/Einbürgerung in Deutschland? Oder wie mann am besten mit dem Ausländerbehörder geht? 😅 Ja... endlich muss ich etwas tun.

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On the topic: things that make me smile about the #librem5 phone

Running the command: `vrms` from a terminal and getting the following output:

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Uh, I just noticed you can Bookmark toots? That's cool! Seems to have been around a while already lol.

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