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Digital Liberation.

, , - obviously. But why don't we stress the human side of what is fundamentally cyborg emancipation more?

@dch wow! Above me atm, but interested to learn more.

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@paranoid @puffinus_puffinus Ahh but! Degredation of shared resources is a thing when you don't make and enforce rules, and *that* is something 'the left' seems to find generally oppressive.

I highly recommend 'Governing the Commons' by Elinor Ostrom for an empirical investigation into successful and failed commons.

OK, could just be flakiness, it just seems to convenient an explanation for such a wide-spread problem.

@paranoid @puffinus_puffinus Lololol...

But seriously, communal cleaning issues are *everywhere* and they parallel the ecological crisis quite well in my opinion.

'The dishes' provide a safe way for people to experience Tragedy of the Commons and self-organize themselves out of it (or not 😉 )

@guyjames The message is so hard to take and yet impossible to deny: people are forced into ad hominem attack to swerve around existential crises.

But we *are* in an existential crises, and it's slowly being realized. Until it is accepted, we are going to see all sorts of 'pathetic' attacks.

But if we can see these attacks as a fear response, perhaps we can have compassion. Tears will be shed: people hate to be vulnerable to people who say I told you so...

My €0.02 :)

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@GwenfarsGarden Aw thanks!

Tails is a Linux distro intended for secure, temporary use on other machines tails.boum.org

I don't want to do a lot of digital stuff, but occasionally sending pics might be nice :)

Oh cool that you bagpacked there! Any outstanding recommendations?

I'm about to hitch towards/around/back from Turkey for the next two months! 😃 Without my laptop! 🤯

I'm making a livestick now, and adding passwords into that should be there already...

Any other nomad tech tips Mastodonions?

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Fantastic selfie by a wildlife ranger with two of the gorillas he helps protect.

These "guys" look so human.

#nature #gorillas #selfie #photo #photography

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This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

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I'm hosting a full-day training about decentralised organising in #Glasgow on Friday. thehum.org/patterns-training-g

#ExtinctionRebellion rebels in #Scotland, pls check it out and ask me for a discount/freebie if you need cc: @ScotlandXr@twitter.com

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