Just installed and played for a bit. Seems to be the best first-person-shooter native to linux.

And the chat was really civil! Somehow just expected bratty youtz. My bad (assumption.)

@maryjane sorry to disappoint:

""We used flat Earth as a PR stunt. Period," Darren Shuster told BuzzFeed News. "He was a true daredevil decades before the latest round of rocket missions. Flat Earth allowed us to get so much publicity that we kept going! I know he didn’t believe in flat Earth and it was a shtick.""

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@jasper @jums @maxlath Yes! And not a stupid question (at least it wasn't for me then) because without sleep the date gets mangeled by whatever key you were pressing.

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48 bytes that make my life better:

sleep .05
xdotool type "$(date -I)"

Prints date as YYYY-MM-DD wherever your cursor is.

I saved it as an executable .sh, and keymapped it to a key I had no use for. I now use this key most days!

(Thanks @jums or @maxlath or whoever it was that helped me)

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@malteengeler for my friend, the Samsung A3 (2016)! Nice piece of hardware. And small as in small ;p

@marzzzello Thanks again, I use microg but didn't want to confuse people with my original post.

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@marzzzello Tada! Not pretty, and only in German (OK for me now) but that's great!

@Fellmoon Are the google Pixel series somehow superior on a hardware-security basis?

@emi @robparsons I wonder whether x has the skills to facilitate collective agreements? Seems not, and it is a skill.

Could you hold a session on one of the problem topics that affects X and others in a neutral way, and come to some common agreement? Doing so would show X how it can be done.

But yeah, could be the case that x has the skill of problem identifying but not (yet) solving...

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@poebbel @kensanata @michel_slm @douginamug and many will think wtf, developed countries had this for years, now that i can finally have this fancy modern car they're gonna tell me it's bad for the environment? fucking gringos.

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@olivia @kensanata @michel_slm @douginamug re 'less energy', one question then seems to be, how do we formulate the demand for that in an appealing way? how do we show that living with less energy is not about tightening our belts even further but is actually going to be a part of a world that's much better to live in than this one?

@emi Are all of Xs requests supported by existing rules? Or just this example?

('Needs oriented' is just my way of generalizaing the culture that arises from a combination of the maxim "take what you need, give what you can" + Rosenburgs Nonviolent Communication framework that places an emphasis on needs. It can lead to weird self-victimization stuff when people self-decide that they 'need' something, and anyone else is being immoral if they don't support that... sound like this may not apply.)

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I could use some help in dealing with a personal conflict.

Community member X has very specific requests about the every day behaviour of other people in the community. These requests are small, but require all other community members to change their daily behaviour which sometimes leads to transgressions.

Member X then accuses community of disrespecting their requests and refuses to cooperate with other community processes. I'm attempting to engage in dialogue but it is stressful.

@emi Does X/your community have a 'needs-oriented' ethic? Does X specifically phrase the requests as 'needs'?

Can you give an example, however small, of what one of these requests are?

I may have some ideas...

@celesteh @michel_slm @feonixrift

I'd never heard of ordoliberalism before last year, seems like the sanest take on markets:

"Ordoliberalism is the German variant of economic liberalism that emphasizes the need for the state to ensure that the free market produces results close to its theoretical potential."


@amiloradovsky Thanks for you considered thoughts/feedback.

What you describe appears to be en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumulati - is that right?

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