@seachaint are the solar site and this site lowtechmagazine.com/ showing the same content, the solar one just with dithered images?

Also, "basically, it's art"... that is a bold claim! Do you think that generally about their articles? I thought they were well reasoned/referenced... did you ever bring up your issues with the authors?

@ceejbot funny, nice that you make this so explicit. we're always talking about licenses when we talk about floss, but organization and finance rwally are just as important on the long term.

I think @davidak was working on a list of project which cover all aspects.

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Im Juni nehmen wir die Verkehrswende selbst in die Hand.

Autobahnen heizen die Klimakrise an – wir stoppen die A100 ✊

Kommt am 5.6. zur Massenaktion und blockiert mit uns den Ausbau.

Wir sind der sofortige Baustopp! πŸ’₯

Mehr Infos bald!#b0506
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original post: nitter.eu/EG_Berlin/status/139

@syndikalista because the notary writes down their version of things, and has their own biases and interests.

Taking meeting notes is historical revisionism in practice πŸ™ƒ


@mpjgregoire It seems like Salmond is fully estranged from the SNP, but still fully committed to independence.

Alba seemed like a genuine bid for an independence majority. That appears to have been achieved with SNP and Scottish Greens anyway.

@mpjgregoire @ksirion I wonder if 'hard-left' people exhibit a similar degree of certainty as conservatives?

@mpjgregoire @ksirion meh, neuroticism seems kind of hand wavy... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurotic

Why not just leave it as 'self-critical', on which there is less doubt?


@mpjgregoire Former leader of SNP attempted that with 'Alba party', unsuccessfully.

Voting needs to be understandable, that's for sure.

@mpjgregoire whether or not one tries to justify colonization through essentialism, might-makes-right or net-positive-effect, it requires force and robs people of their autonomy.

In any case, I hope you agree we should consecrate colonization to history.


@mpjgregoire The 'tactical' bit is that the more seats a party wins in the constituency list, the less likely they are to get seats in the regional... the SNP was a very extreme case of this, but they asked for it.

Sorry, you didn't ask for an essay.


@mpjgregoire I only very recently understood the mechanics. Seems none of my family really got it before I told them. I guess a very large majority of Scot's wouldn't be able to tell you either.



The regional list vote uses a 'modified D'Hondt' method: the vote for each party is divided by the number of constituency seats they got + 1, and the party with greatest sum gets a seat. This new seat is added, and the process repeated exhaustively until 7 are elected for each region.

The whole thing is named 'Additional Seat Method'


@mpjgregoire there are 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament and 73 constituencies which are grouped into 8 regions

Each voter votes twice, once on a constituency list, once on a regional list. On each list, voters 'choose one'.

The constituency list vote is FPTP: the candidate with most votes in that constituency gets elected.

@bhaugen I hadn't clearly thought about it, but perhaps the best thing about Scottish independence would be the definitive end of the Great British Myth.

So brits are twice as likely to think the empire was 'good' instead of 'bad' or 'neither'.

Less than 1/3 think that the empire is viewed too positively.


Now I understand britpol better, and why they didn't teach about the empire in school.


Insane, 1.1 million regional votes got the SNP *2 seats!*


SNP asking for is asking for vote-burning... Like, sacrificing 2 seats for 20 strategic allies... I'd take that deal.

Why are parties so resistant to forming alliances?

@alcinnz ayyy... sorry about that timing :( I'm going to take notes though if you're interested.

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Westerners & European imperialists still in heavy denial: China lost tens of millions of people fighting fascism in World War II. The Soviet Union lost 27 million. The US? 400,000. China and the Soviet Union did far more than the US to save the world from fascism and didn't use nuclear weapons or fire bombs to torture civilians in the process. Sorry white supremacist capitalist empires and their stans due to hegemony mass-propaganda.

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@hyde Hey, no worries!

# Forkawesome call
- Why: To get an overview of the project until now, and think about how it goes forward
- When: Tuesday 11th May, 17:00 CEST
- Length: 1 hour
- Call: meet.livingutopia.org/b/dou-c0
- Pad: pad.riseup.net/p/forkawesome

The maintainer is still Xuv, they'll be joining the call :)

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