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tournament in Plagwitz this Sunday at 18:30 with live music from a Canadian band πŸ˜† DM for location

Spontaneous mastodon meet up at the Solidarity Neighbour Meeting in ! Now until 22:00 :) Holteistrasse/Georg-Schwarz-strasse corner.

🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The site of Scottish Parliament at Holyrood will fall under the 'Serious Organised Crime and Police Act' this Friday 🀷 πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

This will make it an offence to be on the site without lawful authority up to 12 months in prison/£5000 fine! 😠

On Saturday there will be an action to sayπŸ–•by making a human chain around the parliament at 10:45! 🀝 🀝 🀝 Come, invite everyone.

Fb event:

I had the 'Giant Puffball' positively identified by three other people, and it was delicious! Very creamy texture, pungent aroma.

It seems the biggest danger in identification is when they're very small. Several Amanita species look like tiny eggs when they start out, and can be deadly.

Would be a shame to pick puffballs when they're that small anyway, they can grow more than 30cm wide apparently.

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Pretty sure this is a giant puffball! Any possible poisonous species I could have mistaken it for?

Anti-ad action in Berlin

"Werbung formt unser Unterbewusstsein" (advertising shapes our subconsciousness)

Continuing the theme, here's another in the south of Berlin, outside the Burge house project :)

They also have an internal freeshop and πŸ‘ Thanks for showing us round @adrianheine

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Visited Verschenkekiste today, a () in the east of

It's nice! Sadly, their rental contract ends this month, so they aren't taking new stuff, and they need to get rid of everything.

Bike trailer my housemate designed and welded within a week! It's aluminium square-section.

Original finance scheme for the LILAC housing coop:

- Every member pays 35% of their gross income to the coop.

- Each member must have an income high enough to fund their share (mortgage + other costs.)

- The cost of their share depends on the value of the house they rent + the initial capital (i.e. savings) they put in.

- High earners pay off their shares faster, with price matching into a community fund.

Bee eating honey at the breakfast table! 🐝 🍯

Of course, bees are the natural eaters of honey... Still somehow funny.

Just fixed my running shoes. Have been using them *a lot* for the last 18 months, and finally the sole (bottom rubber) detached from the upper canvas.

I moistened both sides (water), applied thin layer of polyurethane glue to both sides, then clamped together for.24 hours. Now very well attached!

(Superglue (cyanoacrylate) and epoxy both set too hard and crack; rubber cement only works on special types of rubber; silicone doesn't reliably adhere to everything)

Sticker fail.

Originally read 'FGHT NZS', but the 'FGHT' was written in white, and since the background (red) has faded, it just looks like 'NZS', especially in the evening πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

On top of that, I believe more and more that 'negating the frame, reinforces the frame', and that where possible we should positively, constructively frame our beliefs. (That's not to discredit resistance)

Hey, do you write notes in plain text, markdown or org-mode?

Check out (among others)

Enables [[wikilinks]] and in your notes. Notifies backlinks and has nice graph views...

It's open-source, cross-platform and in rapid development.

Me getting absolutely mashed up by an old boy in a park in . There's this one bit which is continuously occupied by older men playing chess, dominoes and backgammon, usually for a bit of cash.

My opening game is so weak. He recommended us to use - cool to see the reach it gets!

There is a game theory scenario I keep coming back to, because I feel it is so often experienced when nice people are trying to coordinate around slight preferences.

Unfortunately, it was initially coined as 'Battle of the Sexes', imagining a hetero couple where the guy wants to watch boxing and the girl ballet 😴

Since the early 90's, people have instead been calling it 'Bach or Stravinsky'.

Should I move the wikipedia page? Anyone got advice on doing that?

Just finished another two s5neos for friends.

Bought used, cleaned, protective glass and case. Lineage OS + microG.

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