Delicious bagels, great soup, good tunes, excellent literature and food share point at the @pinkpeacock south-side.

Do visit this queer, anarchist, vegan, Yiddish, anti-zionist, pay-as-you-can Café!

Alrighhhht, I think I just made the most comprehensive diagram of the Mietshäuser out there 🙃

Corrections and comments please 🐜

Today's discoveries:
- you get access to the 'Wikipedia Library' (90+ subscription only publishers) if you make 500+ edits and no trouble
- there is a syntax highlighter for source!

Salon on the topic of "Pointless Jobs" this Friday at 19:00, Georg-Schwarz-10,

"In the 1950, we were promised a future in which automation would free us from the drudgery of repetitive labor. The resulting wealth would bring forth an era in which we were free to read and contribute to the development of civil society. ...

Hey, did you read ? or are you familiar with David ? or do you see the need for fresh historical interpretations and future imaginations?

Talk by @andreastagmose this coming Friday the 15th at 19:00 in , Georg-Schwarz-Straße 10, Eckladen

Detailed event description follows...

, a GUI for , is amazing! It makes it super easy to do encrypted, de-duplicated backups.

Screenshots of: command log (to see what's going on under the hood) and of the visual diff tool.

Oh, and it automagically saves passwords to your keyring. I'm actually going to do backups now...

A global socialist revolution occurs, you have been elected as the first global planner! Implement policies and fund research to reduce extinction rate and limit global warming while maintaining sufficient social and political capital!


Very good way for handling digital documents (especially pdfs) that you want to organize or reference.

It definitely feels way more polished than a couple years ago. , of course.

Currently reading: "Debt: the first 5000 years" by David Graeber, 2011

I have a friend who is studying instrument making, here are some pics of a guitar she was working!

She'll be doing an apprenticeship in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in August, and is looking for some nice people to stay with.

You? Someone you know? DM me!

Good (?) news

Slovenia elects the new, center-left "Freedom Movement", ousting three terms of conservative party with right-wing leader.

FM running on campaign of green energy transition, rule of law and open society.

Today I found out the hard way that the newer generation of 8 (s70x) shift in the opposite direction to the older generation (s50x) 🙃

I way prefer twist shifters, but Shimano only made Alfine trigger shifters. Since the is almost identical, I used a Nexus twister.

I measured the cable pull, which seemed almost the same between generations (~5mm increments)

So I matched the yellow dots at gear 5, and it seems to work fine, just reversed!

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"Da wo immer die Sonne scheint, ist meist Wüste!"

(There, where the sun is always shining, is usually desert!)

Just found out about Lyndon Johnson's "Daisy" campaign video-advert (1964)

It's a fear-based, anti-nuclear-war advert which apparently was a major factor for his landslide victory.

Bumped into it via the amazing Reaction podcast about Phyllis Schlafly

Bärlauch/wild garlic bursting through a last-year's leaf.

A house of people in Leipzig, @schwarz10, use a very interesting 'reverse auction' to distribute communal labor.

It's done every Monday, after their weekly meeting. It started off on paper, but later someone developed an app (code & demo on that page).

An innovative (unique?) and viable method!

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