Here, anyone out there seen/have/played with Turing Tumble?

It's a marble-powered, Turing-complete computer 'game'!

At €60, in no rush to buy tho.

"In 2019, OpenAI LP received a US$1 billion investment from Microsoft."

"Why did OpenAI choose to release an API instead of open-sourcing the models?"

😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴

Well, you can change your fucking project name for a start

PSA for bespectacled individuals πŸ‘“

Lenses made or coated with plastic (probably most by now) can 'craze' at high temperatures. That means lots of microfractures which make your glasses seem 'smudged' however much you clean them 😱

Found this out after going to a sauna with them on πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Will get the frames 'reglazed' soon: getting new lenses in old frames is way cheaper than whole new specs πŸ‘

Utterly cursed UI... three drop-downs to select a day of the month that isn't the 1st-5th or last 😳

I like Gnome Evolution better than any other system I've come across, but stuff like this leaves me confused and amused!

Ahhh! runs perfectly on ! Thought I'd never be able to play it again...

You find yourself falling through a fissure in time, onto a mysterious island... how did you get here, how do you leave? 🧐

First released in 1993, this adventure and problem-solving point-and-click-game was the best seller until Sims in the early 2000s, and popularized the use of CD-ROMs (!)

Big up to the ScummVM team for making this run very smoothly on Linux πŸ‘

I lent Β£150 to the New Leaf Food when it began in early 2012. Not loads, but a significant sum for me then and now.

It was a workers coop, where all employees equally own the business. Their aim was to supply local and/or ecological foods with as little packaging as possible: they were ahead of the curve back then

Today, ~9 years later, the coop is doing fine and paid me back the Β£150!

Worth visiting if in

USS Abraham Lincoln and Imperial Star Destroyer.

Note particularly, the similar gray tones.

Lewd industrial technology: High Speed Grinding train.

Let's keep them rails clllleeeean.

You're welcome.

There's a guy called Karl Bushby who started walking from the southernmost point of Chile towards Hull, England in 1998. He's still going! And should finish next year πŸ‘£

He crossed from North America to Russia over the Bering Strait when it was frozen in winterβ€”after being sent back by the Russian authorities multiple times. The only part he'll have to swim is across the English Channel 🏊

Oh my god, why did I not know about 'talk' pages before now?

You can switch to the talk page of an article by selecting the 'talk' tab at the top left of an article. They are like a mini-forum for the main article.

Beneath those smooth, neutral-sounding articles is a sea of emotional back-and-forth. Some of it is comedy gold: here's someone calling everyone else 'digital maoists' because their edited was rejected due to insufficient referencing! 🀣

Heard of ?

The people of this small island managed to fight off mine owners and the Papua New Guinean army for years, initially with stick weapons before capturing modern weaponry... Watch the Coconut Revolution! ✊ πŸ₯₯ ✊

They had an independence referendum in 2019β€”which was almost unanimous for independence

As this nascant nation forms, already the vultures are circling for the islands $84Bn of Copper and Gold reserves... 😰

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