I screened the first episode of 'Free to Choose' at tonight.


We're happy to salvage from the excesses of our current system, but we realize it's not a good, scalable or sustainable solution.

The series is basically propaganda for hosted by Milton Friedman. Quite interesting to hear the 'idealistic' version of things and a very successful way to provoke discourse into macroeconomics πŸ˜‰

Some old bike inner tube, a hole punch and a bit of brute force: finally found a way to keep a lighter on my keyring πŸ”₯

Right now a group of people are occupying the Scottish government buildings and holding their own Citizens Assembly.

They are doing this because to avert biosphere collapse we need to be making collective decisions. Us. Citizens. Not stakeholders, hedge funders nor nepotistic elites.

They're doing it on Burns day, the birthday of the Scottish national poet, a nature lover ;p

Live streams on fb facebook.com/XRScotland/videos and pscp pscp.tv/w/1dRKZOnyDOgGB

So I'm trying to build rhythm into my life. The annual cycle is increasingly interesting to me. Living away from the equator means I experience 'the 4 seasons', and I got to experience some of the more traditional (pagan) celebrations of them through my time in Edinburgh.

I found this graph on Wikipedia really enlightening, that the thermal cycle lags about 1.5 months behind the solar cycle here. Food for thought


Is a thing? A bio-branch of perhaps? Because Tinkers Bubble seems like it!

"We manage about 28 acres of douglas fir, larch, and mixed broadleaf woodland using horses, two person saws, and a wood-fired steam-powered sawmill."


Unprecedented fog where I was, 5 meters visibility. Here's a picture I took in the direction of the super-wolf-blood
moon πŸ˜‚

Lush video and lucid music from a small Scottish group I sort of know, just released. Imagine a sort of cheerful and melancholy, celtic soundscape...


Hey, does anyone know if the exists as anywhere? Would be great for the Show me what you know/got !

@cathal Hey. You might have seen I'm doing stuff with the Extinction Rebellion actions in London. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of measures that are needed! Must focus, I am only one.

Mind boggling that we still don't tax aviation fuel. The Air Passenger Duty seems very perverse based on what I know about fuel efficiency in flying gov.uk/guidance/rates-and-allo

Was looking for stats fuel consumption vs flight length. Found attached here: researchgate.net/figure/Relati

Know better?

Skeletal Tory Tebbit plays chicken with peaceful citizens rebelling against gov. inaction to preserve the biosphere, the source of all wealth.

No more hand-wringing,
Guilt's a waste of time.
No more posturingβ€”
You look just fine!
You've liked, voted and petitions signed:
Now is the time to your body on the line,
Or support those who do, however you can.
This will only work if we all take a stand.

The blocks the Department for Energy, Business and Industrial Strategy in London yesterday, 22 arrested.

We can only divert our current course towards suicide-by-ecocide through law: institutions must raise the bottom line towards which consumers and businesses race.

Join the rebellion, friends, however you can!


How to respond when being dragged by the police: "Stay limp... Don't resist... Tie up hair and remove jewellery before"

Now forming affinity groups for the

A lot of people willing to put their bodies where their beliefs are!

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