If you're working in a participatory organization of more than ~8 people, I highly recommend formar for bigger topics where there is a division of opinion or expertise.

Inner circle: talking
Outer circle: listening
Switch circle: when you want and there's a space


It doesn't put pressure on less involved people to say stuff (like rounds do) and it doesn't go too chaotic like a big discussion. The format is self-moderating too.

The people of voted 98% in favor of full independence from Indonesia in Nov/Dec last year en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Bou

Never heard of the place? Watch for a 50 minute dive into the super inspiring native-led, deeply-green struggles. youtube.com/watch?v=1Sl8KJDOqK

(p.s. the coconut really has a star role )

Thanks to the 29 people who took part in my poll πŸ‘ Results are interesting, although the format restrictive -> results not clear!

I wonder if the 1x voters work in places that are 1x? I would be interested to see one, but I dont think I'd honestly be willing to do the work to set one up πŸ˜…

Most votes for > 10x. I know two relatively small tech co.s that work fine with that.

Almost 40% were > 100x, which implies a lot of ppl willing to work for a giant... If their friend started it & 'ethical'

I found a 'financial times' while passing through London. It would be better renamed 'greed cult'. Not one redeeming story. These people will make us destroy our world if we let them

We need to take the things we need off the market: decapitalizing = commoning. Check out 'asset-locking' as a way of legally enshrining this. The mietshΓ€user syndikat do a great job of commoning housing in Germany.

We also need to find ways of transferring these unbelievable sums of money to people that need them.

" as Sacrifice: Towards an Ascetic ", Musa al-Gharbi.

"The most meaningful act of resistance to systemic would be for its primary beneficiaries to seek ways to *give of themselves* . . . rather than attempting to blame, coerce, cajole or expropriate *from others* under the auspices of anti racism."

(The first paper I found when searching 'effective antiracism', its quite readable and thought provoking... Maybe even action provoking)


I made an floorplan of Kanthaus (the common house I live in) using , then made it viewable in the browser and interactive with 😺


Take a tour πŸ˜† Feedback welcome ✍️

I don't know how I ended up on this page of experimental architecture, but I'm glad to have found how many turrets and cloches there were in the Maginot Line inter4.aaschool.ac.uk/wp-conte

(The Maginot Line is a huge line of defensive structures the French built to deter German invasion after WW1. Sadly for the French, the Nazis decided to go around it 🀷 )

Next UK general election is on ❄️ Dec 12 ❄️

You need to be registered to vote by Nov 26 β€” that's 11days from now! 🚨

You can vote if over 18 and:
- you are a UK citizen (you don't need to be in the UK!)
- you are an EU citizen in the UK
- you are a 'qualifying Commonwealth citizen'

Eligibility details ➑️ electoralcommission.org.uk/i-a)

Also, because the UK uses first-past-the-post voting (πŸ’©) you may want to look at what other people typically vote to not 'waste' yours: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category

beta 1.0 released last month! πŸŽ‰


"more than 100 major and minor improvements and bug fixes since 0.92.4"

It seems much more polished :) Well done contributors! πŸ‘

Fancy pot upcycled from an old tyre! Seen in the garden of a hausprojekt in Leipzig. Pay no attention to the lack of living plants inside πŸ˜‚


1 day til the next extinction rebellion! ⏰ Starting Monday 7th October there will mobilizations in over 60 cities 🌐 rebellion.earth/international-

I know a lot of Mastodoners are critical of , rightly so. I'm not gonna defend everything that's been done under the brand. Yet it's mostly good!

I warmly recommend everyone to try for themselves: you'll meet lovely humans and won't accidentally find yourself getting arrested.

So come on! I'll be at Berlin if anyone wants to catch up 😺

Great turnout and atmosphere (no pun intended) at the today!

And what a diverse crew : (ofc) but also vegans coopers and so many more. Notable union presence which I was very happy about.

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