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So, now I deleted Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Goodreads. Unfortunately I am still tied to some Google services for practical purposes. But, ah well, I am already doing pretty well, methinks! ~

@MRensema I did the same last year. I wasn’t sure that Goodreads deserved to be deleted, but I did it anyway.

@ducatdusk @MRensema Goodreads is owned by Amazon. So fits perfectly on the 'delete' list.

Doug Webb @douginamug

@ducatdusk @MRensema @neil I recommend to you all: An open source, actively developed book-sharing platform.

Quotes, reviews and comments are somewhere in the pipeline (is that right @maxlath ?) and you help contribute to open data if you record new info :)

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@douginamug @maxlath @neil @ducatdusk Thank you very much for sharing! I will check it out! :)

@douginamug @ducatdusk @MRensema @neil yes! book reviews are on the roadmap you can already post comments on books but only when you have it in your inventory (which some users obviously hacked into a review system already, but it's not quite fitting as such)

@kai @douginamug @ducatdusk @MRensema @neil out of the homepage, you can more info on the projet on our wiki and the roadmap, and for the technical side, the code is here