I love 💗 This year I've gotten more and more into editing, but fuck me is the whole editing experience clunky as 🤖 Anyone here been involved with or plugins for it?

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@douginamug @maxlath there are of course plenty of #Wikimedians around here! For those who have experience with #MediaWiki development, I can think of @LucasWerkmeister, @andreklapper, @magnusmanske and @eloquence

@legoktm ahhh, excuse my bitch-post 🙈 and thank you for working on it 🙇

Yes, I was using on visual on mobile. Im not sure how I'd like to get involved, but I would like to.

@douginamug is our getting started page.

I only ever use it on mobile for very trivial things, but I'm happy to point you in the right direction if there's something specific you want to report or fix

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