Talking with someone today who studied climate at PhD level, but considers AI threat a more pressing issue, now I'm thinking... 🤔

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@nev yes. What about the content of my post though?

@raimondaslapinskas Ah yes, Ord's new book. Is it good? Seems like you're recommending it :)

@gcrkrause he was saying that we're already at a point where deepfakes and image manipulation are at a stage where political power can be bought with CPU power.

If an AI gets general enough to, say, want to extend itself as far as possible, and it manages to hack itself into compromised devices, it could try and build power in the physical world and would be very hard to stop.

Added factor is the possibly exponential rate-of-increase that could occur once it begins.

@douginamug I'd say there are a lot of wrong expectations here.

1. I wouldn't consider AI good enough to power live deepfakes. Image Manipulation is possible but still pretty expensive and beyond some corner cases quite obvious.

2. Even if deepfakes would be cheap and good enough, there is a huge step to an AI which gets out of control. This assumes the AI gains the ability to define an aim and work on reaching it. There is not even remotely something that can be considered wilful.

@douginamug 3. I don't think we are living in a world which is connected enough (technically) to experience the same amount of damage by an IT system which can be caused by climate change. Most of the things I interact with on a daily base are still analog things. Most power stations are isolated, only a few weapons are actually digital controllable. But you can dry-out a full continent and flood another with this.

@douginamug I am actually more concerned by the actual energy consumption if you deploy more and more (pseudo)-AI systems and its environmental impact.

@gcrkrause that's my point: I didn't have it so high up on my list of problems facing humanity, but some do and I'm curious to learn why they believe so. I now have 3 strong recommendations to read precipice by Toby Ord.

@douginamug jeah, I am always in for questioning potential bad side effects of technology and its important to keep this even if as deeply involved as I am. So its for sure really interesting to think about. But I would compare the trouble with the climate crisis or related environmental issues

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