With upcoming natural gas shortages this winter, now is a great time to recommend people you know to get hot-water bottles! ♨️

They transfer heat into the body _way_ more efficiently than room heating: although they can't totally replace it, they can reduce overall heating costs by ~⅓ ⬇️

and honestly as a chronic nausea person could not live without one

@pascoda da fällt mir sofort George Mikes ein:  "Continental people have sex lifes; the English have hot-water bottles"
@douginamug I remember the metal hot water bottle of my grandmother. She used to warm our beds with it for a sleepover and I'm pretty sure she's still using it.

@Julia_Schmeer those ones seem indestructible! Gotta be careful with direct skin contact though.

@douginamug I used to be scared of them because of that and potential leakage. 🙈

@douginamug Side remark: In English "natural gas shortage" is ambiguous: "natural gas" "shortage" or "natural" "gas shortage". German, being so anal-retentive, does distinguish here.

@douginamug Yeah... being German I like not to have to analyse context, so or so, but for the words to be _precise_ in themselves 😃 Sorry 😄

@carl ha ha, fair enough. Sadly, one can only ever get so far, since words are ultimately self-referential.

@douginamug One could derive the following:
"Germans like to be precise" or "Germans don't care about context".
I could drone on and on about the connection between culture, way of thinking and language!
For instance, German has no word for "charm, allure" or "fashion". We had to borrow the French words for that. Go figure!

@douginamug Electric blankets also use very little energy compared with heating the room as a whole. Given that they spread the heat more evenly it wouldn't amaze me if they provide more comfort/joule than a hot water bottle (no idea, never done the calculations).

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