Hey! Who'd be interested to have a edit-a-thon to improve various articles relating to practical, self-organization? ⚙️ 🤝

I'm talking about [Consensus decision-making], [Group decision-making], [Advice process], [Score voting], etc. Of course, if there's another aspect, or topic, you're more interested in, that's fine!

I'd also be happy to induct people into wikipedia editing, if intersted.

@douginamug I'm absolutely interested. I have a little experience editing Wikipedia, but not too much. I'd be happy to contribute more, especially to ones related to self-organization.

@josias yayyy! Great! I'm also 'douginamug' over there. I would say that coordinating there may make the most sense, but I'd totally be up for having a call 😊

@douginamug huh, not related but since you seem to have some knowledge about organization of groups and their decision making, would you be available for a chat? We are currently working towards changing the statutes for the Funkwhale Collective and I'd appreciate some hints or pointers or ideas :)

@gcrkrause Oh, sure! I'll share what I know, perhaps it's even helpful!

@douginamug fifteen years ago i totally rewrote the wiki page for “consensus decision making” and created this graph. it was only a mildly-hellish experience.

@ghorwood ahhh! Very interesting! You really did a lot on that page :)

I think it is an important one, but sadly a bit shambolic. When I came to it a year or two ago, I was thinking about a complete re-write (as you did) but I was quickly persuaded in the talk pages to go for incremental changes - I'm grateful for that.

I'm doing mostly smaller changes right now, and building up research on a personal page

@ghorwood I particularly want make a good history section, since right now there is a fusion of actual history (where people actually referred to their method as consensus, starting only in the 60's!) and historical examples of other groups using consensus-adjacent methods (Haudenosaunee, Quakers, Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth).

I feel like having a good history section (i.e. better understanding the history) will help me and others make a more consistent narrative.

@douginamug when i got there it was basically 200 words and half of that was a gelderloos quote. i went back and looked at it last night and, you're right, it's... i dunno if 'shambolic', but certainly not tight.

@ghorwood @josias hey you two!

I wondered how your feeling about editing these days?

I just added a "history" section to [[consensus decision-making]]

Not only would it be more fun to edit with others, I grow slowly uncomfortable about having too much editorial influence (and therefore having increased risk of my work being later removed).

So, absolutely no pressure, but I would with pleasure see you there!

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