He declares himself Republican.

He says "capitalism is a wonderful system".

He goes on to present the most realistic, socially-just, climate plan I've come across.



Can any Swiss citizen 🇨🇭 confirm they receive a carbon (tax) dividend?


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To bump this thread: The Swiss state has been taxing the carbon in fossil fuels since 2008 ⛽

The tax started very low, and increases every year. It is currently 120 CHF (~130 USD) per tonne CO2 💰

2/3 goes to each citizen, evenly divided, as a reduction of their health insurance! 🏥 1/3 of the tax goes into green spending.

Every country can do this, without losing economic 'competitiveness' if a tariff is applied 🗺️

@douginamug There is a tax, but I do not know if it is financing something.


Recently, a law that balanced the extension of these taxes with redistribution to the population has been refused by the population itself (51.59%)

@douginamug I think that would come out to about $1.36 per gallon of gasoline ($ 0.30 per liter).

@gam3 that sounds about right!

I wonder how they manage it, because there is already a huge amount of fuel tax in most countries, who don't have a comprehensive carbon tax.

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