He declares himself Republican.

He says "capitalism is a wonderful system".

He goes on to present the most realistic, socially-just, climate plan I've come across.

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To bump this thread: The Swiss state has been taxing the carbon in fossil fuels since 2008 ⛽

The tax started very low, and increases every year. It is currently 120 CHF (~130 USD) per tonne CO2 💰

2/3 goes to each citizen, evenly divided, as a reduction of their health insurance! 🏥 1/3 of the tax goes into green spending.

Every country can do this, without losing economic 'competitiveness' if a tariff is applied 🗺️

@douginamug That Wikipedia article says it's (mostly) only for British Columbia. Also, the more specific article [¹] says it's offset by a reduction in other taxes rather than a pure dividend.




As @edavies says, the oldest carbon tax plan in Canada is in BC, and there they've had reductions in tax rates, not direct cheques to individuals. In Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick, citizens have received credits on their annual income tax forms for the last two years.

There's nothing for people in Québec like me, so I have no direct experience of the system.

#canpol #CarbonTax

@douginamug Sort of. In Canada all provinces and territories are required to put a price on carbon emissions. Mostly they have cap and trade systems. If there is no provincial plan, then the federal carbon tax applies, with the revenue going either to individual citizens, or transferred to provincial governments, as chosen by those governments. Furthermore, the national system is rather new.


@douginamug There is a tax, but I do not know if it is financing something.

Recently, a law that balanced the extension of these taxes with redistribution to the population has been refused by the population itself (51.59%)

@douginamug I think that would come out to about $1.36 per gallon of gasoline ($ 0.30 per liter).

@gam3 that sounds about right!

I wonder how they manage it, because there is already a huge amount of fuel tax in most countries, who don't have a comprehensive carbon tax.


The dividend part is new to me. I like it.

Unfortunately in the US this would still be considered far left idea even with all those Republican leaders.

Fox News talking points for this topic:
Free money=bad
Decreasing fossil fuels=bad
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