Does anyone know a 'proof of concept' function? Something really simple, that demonstrates the principal, but can be done by hand and understandably followed.

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@douginamug mod n is pretty cool imo. E.g. sum up the bytes that have to be hashed and take the mod n of the result. It's really simple but it does the job

@douginamug A cryptographic hash function is a pseudorandom function

So.. off the top of my head...

any pseudorandom number generator should work, with the input acting as the seed.

So maybe a linear congruence generator would be a simple example.

you might need to think a bit harder about this!

Maybe something like, your random number generator, acting as a block cipher and doing a Merkle Damgard constructed hash function

@douginamug I guess it depends on what properties you would like to "show" form a cryptographic hash too!

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