How do you deal with notices? Right now I go through the horrible menus and accept only required - which I hate. Is it really that bad to accept all? Looking for advice.

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@douginamug I use uBlock Origin with
"Easylist Cookie" and the ABP list.

Gets rid of most of them, the ones that remain are "reject all non-essential" cookies.

I think it comes down to do you trust that site with that information, do you care if its sold on and combined with other information. Also does the company actually understand what they are collecting or did they do this because that's what the website designer did for other clients. Possibly breaking the company's own GDPR and data collection processes. Your trust and consent isn't just for now, it's for the future down the line,if the data or company is sold on.

@douginamug It depends on the mood I have on that moment. I sometimes just accept all because I don't have energy to do the whole dance. But I try to accept only the required. I have this add-on installed in the browser, Consent-O-Matic, that helps with some pages (it rejects everything automatically), but there are dozens of sites where it does not recognize the pop-ups. It works I'd say like 30-40% of the time (which is good, but could be better).

@douginamug For browsing text-only sites on the web, I use w3m with cookies disbled, but for anything else, I just accept necessary cookies if I really want to use the sites. It is quite infuriating how many websites try to make you accept all cookies even if you selected that you want to choose

@douginamug i accept all and my firefox is set to delete all cookies on restart except for specific sites (matrix, pleroma, etc)

@douginamug Often the Reader-View in Firefox skips all those cookie notices.
Unless I'm really desperate, I'll leave sites without a simple "reject all" option.

@douginamug I reject all third party stuff and I forget all cookies except for a half dozen sites when I close the browser

I have Firefox set to purge cookies when it closes, and I make sure to close it often. That way sites don't complain. It does mean I can't tab-farm, but I think that's a good thing.

@douginamug I use uBlock Origin to block cookie banners. I guess that might count for some sites as auto-accepting all cookies, so I also have Temporary Containers enabled in Firefox to auto-delete cookies a few minutes after closing the browser tab (except for sites I open in a permanent container to keep myself logged in).

@douginamug I'd rather accept all in a limited browser profile that gets regularly nuked than waste my time trying to figure out how to opt out or what it broke.

@douginamug depending on the situation i either accept required cookies or i'll just paste the address into my firefox's Private Window (which should be sure to delete all data after the session) and click "Agree to all" (think youtube and the like)

works for me but still is a hassle

@douginamug Wot @kensanata and @1n4007 said. If there's an easy one-button click for reject all or only essential or whatever I take it otherwise I just accept all.

@douginamug 'Accept all' in a browser with the Cookie Auto Delete extension. They can set whatever they want; ten seconds after I browse away, it's gone. I can set exceptions for sites whose cookies I actually want.

@douginamug I use uMatrix and generally don't allow cookies

For site where I have accounts I will allow cookies if needed

unfortunately uMatrix is no longer being maintained, but the same developer made oBlock origin, which has been mentioned in the thread

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