Labour have voted at their conference to increase the minimum wage from £10 to £15 per hour.

That would be a good deal for employees, provided their hours don't decrease, the business they work for doesn't go bust or their working conditions don't worsen.

I have concerns the increase would hurt small to medium businesses much more than big business.

Workers in coops, or business partners in LLCs can effectively pay themselves less than the minimum wage - would we see more of them?

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All good questions.

We're at the point where we believe govt should simply provide a #UBI to all that goes up very slightly with age. Then they can generally get out of the way and let people decide for whom and for how much they want to #work etc.

Its probably too late though. It seems we'll be replaced with robots now.

@dsfgs @douginamug

The introduction of robots is rather a stronger argument for UBI... Because we will then have to ask even more the question of distribution of produces... In the end, our current economic systems foundations are supply and demand, and both are required for our economy to turn over

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