Stocks, shares... Anybody in on that? Got hot takes? The thin line between political belief and pleasant survival...

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@douginamug used to be, if i had the money i would buy index funds. where's the thin line?

@rosano well, money could arguably be put to much better use for humanity than 'investing' in companies that are already doing well 🤷

It's arguably still sensible on an individual level, for retirement, etc. But does seem a bit like betting on a broken system.

@douginamug no doubt it's broken but i wouldn't do it for my convictions, just as a financial tool…

@rosano @douginamug There are of course ways of making money that harm society, but accumulation of financial capital is in itself a good, both for its owner and for those who benefit indirectly from its investments.

Buy low-fee index funds. Set up automatic contributions. Keep your money in the market. Diversify geographically, but consider what currency you will eventually be spending. Have some small percent in gold and hope that's your worst performer.

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