Is still hooked on the 'book, or is there a critical mass on mastodon already? @fitheach @wu_lee

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@douginamug @fitheach @wu_lee

I guess you will find a lot of people here who spent a year abroad in Edinburgh. Like myself.

How is Scottish independence progressing?

@chpietsch @douginamug @wu_lee
Just like everywhere else online activity will be dominated by FB.

There are a few Edinburgh residents I interact with on the Fediverse. There may be others, as I'm not always aware of people's precise locations.

Plus, I used to live in Edinburgh.

Why the particular interest?


@fitheach @douginamug @wu_lee @wizardofosmium

Long after my year abroad in Edinburgh, I lived in England for two years. My first real job after graduation.

I even considered becoming a British citizen. Now I'm glad I did not stay long enough to apply for that. After Brexit, I would have been in a difficult situation.

Even though England and Wales have decided that they do not belong to the EU, my feeling is that Scotland wants to belong to Europe and the EU. Scottish independence seems to be the only realistic way to re-join the EU.

Yes, basically correct. Although, saying "Scotland" is a shorthand for saying the majority of Scots (62%) wanted to remain members of the EU.

Scotland rejoining as an independent country is the only realistic way that could happen.

@douginamug @wu_lee @wizardofosmium

@fitheach @chpietsch @wu_lee @wizardofosmium because I'm back in Scotland for a couple of weeks!

Wondering what's going down... planning to see old friends and new, go hiking, visit initiatives and communities (and join in!) and generally reconnect after almost 2 years.

If I need to go on FB, I shall.

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