@douginamug Somewhat, we have foodsharing and a few racks with clothes, some books.

@adrianheine cool, kind of like a Verschenkeregal with 24/7 access (like a Fairteiler?)

We have an indoor space that we only manage to open for a couple of hours each tuesday, but a lot of people come.

Now we're trying to 'improve' the general quality by being more selective in the things we accept... not so easy

@douginamug We have an outdoor 24/7 thing, but the Fairteiler and most other stuff is inside and people can ring at our place when they want to go there. I'd say each day 10–20 people come inside. What quality problems do you have?

@adrianheine oh wow! That's a lot. Is that in a house-project? I can imagine 10-20 ringing per day is intense.

We get a lot of clothes and not all are so nice. In general, I'm trying to 'up the standard', being quicker to get rid of things no one seems to want, and putting stuff through the dishwasher...

@douginamug It's actually alright, I don't know, we got used to it. We're four grown-ups in the flat but it's mostly my job to open the door.

We definitely got quicker with throwing away stuff that's dirty or damaged, but in general we get good things and nearly everything leaves again eventually.

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