Heading back for my brother's wedding in a couple of months...
- Bus: ~27 hours, ~60€
- Train: ~15 hours, ~300€
- Plane: ~6hours, ~50€


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@douginamug oh my word. I SO wish trains were cheaper. I don't understand how they can be cheaper than planes. At all.


1. no EU countries tax Kerosene. Yes, that's right.
2. logistic advantage that planes don't need roads/rails
3. despite those reasons, trains are expensive for reasons I don't understand.

@douginamug I don't understand either, nearly everything seems aligned in their favour.

Kerosene needs taxed though

@athairbirb @douginamug #Airlines have very complicated pricing schemes since when there is a flight, it should be as close to full as possible: the costs of a flight are more or less fixed, so squeezing on cheap passengers is still advantageous. Often no two tickets are for the same price.

I'm not sure why #trains don't have similarly complicated pricing... Maybe it was technologically impossible in the 19th century, and customers wouldn't accept the change now?

@douginamug which bus route were you looking at? It seemed a bit limited during my brief look the other day.

@nicksellen Flixing it to somewhere in France, Megabussing from there... roughly

@douginamug there is also Dresden to London via Prague with regiojet. Not as long as it sounds too...

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