Met a friendly, drunk Ukranian last night. No German, broken English interjected with Russian.

He kept saying кайф (kejf) "euphoria caused by narcotic intoxication, pleasant idleness" to approximately mean 'cool'.

Originally an arabic word, related to 'kif', the powdery trichoms of cannabis, from which the german verb 'kiffen' (to get high) presumably comes.

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@douginamug according to my Hebrew teacher, the word kef/kif in both Hebrew and Arabic just means "Fun" and that's why in German, smoking weed is called "kiffen".
Now that I write this toot, I realize that this is probably very easily searched on the Internet.. so I'll do that next and report back 🙂

The German Wiktionary has a very detailed etymology:

Too difficult to summarize because it goes back to the 8th century and has changed meaning several times. But definitely kiffen comes from Arabic.

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