I find it ever harder to take vegetarianism seriously :/

Don't get me wrong, I do think that humans and animals need to work together, and I do think there are ways that can be non-exploitative, but when people shun factory-meat, but are happy with factory-milk/eggs, I'm just like wut


I mean, these cows and chickens arguably have a worse experience than animals raised for flesh, in that they face the same slaughter, but they need live longer in factory conditions 🤷

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@douginamug i try to minimize that too.

That said, a chicken close to produces an egg a day, a cow 25 liters.(!) In comparison, they produce less than their own weight in edible meat.

Of course it's way more than their wellbeing, also, half the chickens don't produce eggs and cows are basically pregnant half the time.

Blegh like i don't know exactly, got cow info from thedailymilk.nl/hoeveel-liter- it's inconsistent. 305 days of milk for 8000L and 9 months pregnancy, that does not add up to a year.

@douginamug how ever it's still at least 10L/day

A cow weighs 270-450kg i'd be surprised if you reach 0.5kg/day. Not all of it "nice looking meat".(if that's a thing)

Another way to look at it is per-animal-life since meat cows live shorter, but with those differences milk still looks better per kg. Also environmentally per-cow-day is probably more valid.

That said, yeah, probably reduce dairy/egg consumption too if possible.. (stuff like cheese/yogurt also use >ownweight of milk to make..)

@jasper yeah, its complicated

I just find it weird when people draw a clear, moral line between milk/eggs and flesh on compassionate grounds, all other factors being equal.

Its like, "I'm not killing the cow, so that's OK"

@douginamug tbh it's not that complicated, _maybe_ vegetarians increase their egg/dairy consumption, but even then vegetarianism still cuts back on animals use quite a bit.

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