New thing I'm trying: leave no interactive tabs open at end of browser session, pin no interactive tabs.

i.e. nothing that pings or has changing favicons (masto, element, telegram, etc.)

I have a phone for notifications if I want them 💁‍♂️

Already feel good.

@tagomago firstly, articles 'shouldn't' be interactive, so this new rule wouldn't prevent me from leaving them open...

I am also using the Zotero Firefox plugin, and I sometimes use that to save a snapshot.

I'm also trying to become a bit more ruthless: my time is limited, is this article something I really want to read?

So, still working on that. How you managing the infopocalypse?


Losing at it with 80 tabs permanently open, plus a few dozen I struggle with daily. I don't know what to do.

@tagomago You may want to use something like wallabag. Or seeing you use emacs, you may want to check this.
I've been using different "read it later" applications for years and it's a game changer. When I check my feeds, I just scan them quickly and decide if I want to read them. If I want to, I save them, if not next. And when I'm done, I may read them. Or just accumulate like 200, that's what happens right now, but at least I don't have them sitting in my browser watching me x) @douginamug

@drymer @tagomago "kids, just say no to tabs watching you!"

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@douginamug @drymer I pushed org-web-tools into my workflow and OMG now I see all my open tabs without scrolling!

@douginamug @drymer One great thing it does is downloading the text of the web pages into the org-mode document (as labelled sub-items of the entries), thus effectively replacing Wallabag with a local, simple tool. 👌

I only need a way to visualize those downloaded texts in a nicer format, similar to my customized Reader View, just in case the original url disappears. Maybe I could generate temporary html documents from Emacs to close the circle, or epubs. Gotta look into that.

I'm sure your computer is relieved too...
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