Hey, do you write notes in plain text, markdown or org-mode?

Check out (among others)

Enables [[wikilinks]] and in your notes. Notifies backlinks and has nice graph views...

It's open-source, cross-platform and in rapid development.


No firefox support. I can't use the site in firefox. I'm heartbroken. (I really need to scrap my usage of MS Office.. but Onenote is easy on my eyes and works good enough.)

@Xenidae I'm using the desktop app!

There's also zettlr (free), joplin (free) and obsidian (prop.)

@Xenidae @douginamug I have been using it in firefox and most everything works. there are a few quirks but hopefully they get patched

@douginamug oh dayum, just left Zettelkasten from Luedecke for Obsidian. Now I have to check another competitor :o

@Grexxx give it a shot! It's definitely not as mature as obsidian right now, some issues and some features needing polish.

However, the team release a new minor version almost every week 😳 quite amazing really.

Also their discord server (yes, could be better chat choice) is very active and friendly.

I prefer the slightly simpler UX of logseq. Anyway, you can try it out on the same set of notes no problem.

@douginamug btw, I made the transition last week. It's way more enjoyable to me than Obsidian! Thank you!

@Grexxx oh good! How do you find the way it handles markdown, starting every paragraph with a bullet point?

I'm mostly happy with Markdown, I've only seen a few small things that somehow the "bold" and "italic" don't work under certain conditions, just like (un)ordered lists don't work in some bullets and get hidden. 1/2

@douginamug it's okay that each paragraph starts with a bullet, it's even good that you can zoom into each bullet, so I can implement "atomic notes" more easily without having to split a topic into a many pages and link them together. To stay in the same paragraph, you can also press shift + enter

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